Hello Sweet Cheer: Friday Fun!


Friday Fun!

It's been a fun week!

Linking up!

ONE. First of all I have the next two weeks off...!  Which will be a fun time to just relax, stay up late and spend some quality time with friends!  I imagine it might look a little bit like this... hehe

TWO. Tonight is my baby sister's 17th birthday party!  I'm super excited to hang out, entertain her friends and do all the fun activities we have planned for them!  Spoiler alert: there may be a messy game of twister involved!

THREE. Is anyone else super annoyed by the Zimmerman trial?  I'm sick of hearing about it and just ready for an acquittal.

FOUR. Fun fact about me: I cannot live without coffee.  Wait that's not true, I once went 30 days without it for one of my addictions classes.  But it's not fun!  I loooove my coffee.

FIVE. This summer is FLYING by!  I can't believe it.  Senior year will be here before I know it!

Hope you have a fab weekend!