Hello Sweet Cheer: Insta Friday + the 5


Insta Friday + the 5

Linking up today!

1) I took a selfie with some ducks the other night...

2) This mansion exists in McKinney, TX.  Hard to believe, right!?

3) We are LOVING our time with Linda and Candy.  We are getting to know them better every day and having so much fun learning about China!  They are such sweethearts.

4) Today we are going to see the movie Turbo!  I'm super excited.  It looks so cute!

5) I got my nails done last week with my little sister and I tried something new!  I got a colored acrylic and I love them!  I kind of chose a bold color, but I thought it's summer, who cares?!  :)


Happy weekend, people!!!  Hope you have big plans like we do!

P.S. I miss my roomie besties so much! Four weeks until senior year officially begins!


  1. My fiance is from the McKinney area. It really is a beautiful area!

  2. omgosh!! that mansion. I wanna live there! hahaha yay for trying something new with the nails! do you have a picture?! cute cup too!