Hello Sweet Cheer: Insta Round Up + 5 on Friday


Insta Round Up + 5 on Friday

Happy Friday!  The weekend is finally upon us!  I think I'll spend some time by the pool and lay on my couch...

#1: I'm getting a brand new phone today!  My lock button doesn't work on my iPhone 5 so I made an appointment at the apple store and they're actually just going to replace the whole phone!  Free of charge, might I add.  What a steal!

#2: I'm so in love with my dog.  I never wanted to be that girl but I totally am and I ain't afraid to say it!  Meet Zoey.

#3: We're hosting two chinese girls at our house starting Sunday (through my parent's church)!  They'll be here for the next 3 weeks!  Their American names are Linda and Candy.  I'm super excited.  They sound like such sweeties!

#4: My roommates and I realized we got THREE couches for our house...all for free!  Oops, we only need two!

#5: I super duper miss my sweet friend Kelsey.  She lives in Colorado with her hubby and I'm missing her so much lately!  Love her to peices.

Insta Round Up!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. WHOO congrats on declaring graduation!! and yay Chinese girls. I would fit right in. :) happy weekend love!

    (formerly Mouthwatering Morsel blogger)