Hello Sweet Cheer: Nanny Confessions


Nanny Confessions

Hi friends!

     A few weeks ago I said I would start posting a little bit about the girls I nanny!  I guess today is as good a Tuesday as any!  Sydney and Peyton are such a joy to take care of!  They are so much fun and they play so well together.  I really love spending time with them which makes my job so enjoyable!

     Being a nanny is a lot of fun.  It's tough and tiring but it's very rewarding.  I love getting to put my mothering personality to super good use with these sweet kiddos.  I'm good at it and I always feel like I'm doing something productive.  It's not always the laundry, dishes or preparing lunch that feels like an accomplishment, though.  While I do love crossing things off a to-do list, the best part of my job is the relationships I get to build with children.  I love getting to be such a huge part of their day to day life.  I like that I get to teach them things and watch them change and grow throughout my time with them.  Their little personalities are precious and I get to see those grow too!  The girls teach me things every single day.  Sometimes small, sometimes big.  Even though they're just seven years old they display selflessness, love, compassion, concern, encouragement, and so much more.  Their relationship is like no other sibling relationship I've observed at this particular age.

     Their love for one another sets a wonderful example for me.  Without even knowing it they show Christ's love to each other in ways I could stand to learn quite a bit about.  They are constantly compromising and are almost always concerned about their sissy.  Sydney will drop what she's doing just to talk to Peyton when she's upset about something.  Peyton gives up her desires to make certain that her sister is going to be okay.

     Of course they are still seven year old kids and they are by no means perfect!  I still have to discipline them from time to time and break up little arguements.  Those things are to be expected with this job but it doesn't take away from anything that their relationship teaches me!

     Some of you moms out there may think these things are normal, but let me tell you...I've encountered a lot of children in my life and these two are special!  I love them so much and am blessed to have this summer to get to know them.  I have four weeks left with them before I go back to school and I know it will be hard to leave.  It was heartbreaking to leave Aden and Morgan back in May and now I'm going to have to do it all over again in a few weeks! :(

     But for now I want to enjoy being with them and learning as much as I can from their precious little souls.  I pray for them daily in hopes that they would one day take ownership of a relationship with Jesus.  I see such God-given qualities in them already and I just pray that the Lord would overwhelm their hearts with his redeeming love.

Thanks for reading friends!  Kids are kool.


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