Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update: Sister Visit


Weekend Update: Sister Visit

Happy Monday friends!  I hope your Monday is happy because it’s ALMOST INDEPENDENCE DAY!  We’re so close!!

     I had a fabulous little weekend with my mom and sister!  Sadly, my sister and brother-in-law are moving out of state (insert big droopy tears here).  So my mom and I drove out this weekend to help Rachel begin the process of packing up their house!  It was super fun and so good to just hang out and spend some time together before she leaves us!  I am so sad and not looking forward to it but excited for their new adventures!  We got to go out to eat on Friday, which was fun! Then we spent most of the rest of the weekend working on packing.

     Saturday night we spent some time with my sweet cousin Josh.  He came over for dinner and I got to catch up with him so that was wonderful.  So glad we got to see each other because I don’t think I’ll see him again before I go back to school! 

     I was definitely sad to leave since it’s one step closer to them leaving for good!  But the bright side is that I’ll see them on Wednesday at our family reunion!  I. Am. So. Stoked!  My family is crazy and fun and goofy and I’m SO READY to see them!

So that was mine!  Super fun and pretty relaxing.  How was your weekend?  Sound off in the comments below!

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