Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update


Weekend Update

Well happy Monday, friends!

     I am FINALLY getting back into my routine of getting a post up before the work day begins!  Thank goodness.  It's been too hectic not to do it this way!  I hope you had a SWELL weekend.  Mine was just superb.

     Like I've mentioned multiple times before, we have two Chinese students staying with us right now!  They are a lot of fun and this weekend we wanted to let them see our town a bit.  On Friday we went to an early movie before having some family friends over for BBQ and good chats.  We saw Turbo and let me tell you it was just the CUTEST!  I loved it and the girls enjoyed it too!  Dinner was great and I took a little night swim all by my lonesome which was actually really refreshing.  It was a good time to relax and let my mind rest.

     Saturday morning we got to sleep just a little and my mom made egg casserole for breakfast.  We left the house about 10:30am and headed for the Farmer's Market in downtown McKinney!  We showed the girls around, they took some pictures, we saw a HUGE great dane (he was so sweet), we met a "famous" cat named Chester, walked around the shops downtown and all around had a really fun morning!

I'm not sure why he had something over his mouth because let me tell you...he was the sweetest dog!  My dad started petting him and he just laid his head right on my dad's hip!  (Yes his hip! This dog was huge)

     We went home to eat lunch and take a quick rest before taking the girls over to a pool party hosted by another family from our church.  A good portion of the Chinese students were there and the girls loved seeing their friends!  Later on that night we had a dinner planned with some of my parents friends at Trail Dust.  We ate way too much, the girls and my daddy went on the slide, and we did a little bit of two stepping.

Candy with a sweet pup at the pool party!

     Sunday we went to church and then spent the day taking naps, doing laundry and getting the girls ready to go to camp this week!  They are headed to Collin County Adventure Camp to continue learning about Texas and the US, spend some time in the sun and hopefully hear the Gospel preached again and again!  I'm so excited for them; I know they'll have so much fun!

     I'm super excited about this week because I have something to look forward to!  I'm headed to Lubbock this Friday and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Number one, I get to see my precious friends Abby and Hillary...number two, we get to move into our new house...and number three, I love being in Lubbock!  I'm super excited about going back next month so this weekend trip will be a good way to tide me over until I move back for senior year!

Have a great week!


  1. That thing over that dog's mouth is actually called a gentle leader. It's just a way to make a dog walk beside it's owner correctly, so they don't pull the owner, leap after another dog while walking, etc. It's kinda like a horse bridle. We used them with our dogs when they were first learning to walk beside us, and now our dogs don't pull at all and are perfect gentlemen while walking! :) It's nothing like a muzzle (notice he can still open his mouth all the way).

    1. Oh wow, I never knew about that! Thanks, Bailey! It sounds like a great tool to train!

  2. Chester looks just like my cat! lol Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)