Hello Sweet Cheer: 5 on Friday!


5 on Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

     Instead of going back to the always easy "Insta Friday" post, I think I'll dive into 5 on Friday again.  Linking up with these ladies!  Go check out their blogs!  This way I can force myself to actually write something worthwhile and not skimp because I'm lazy! ;)  Here goes!

1.  I start my senior year of college in THREE DAYS.  On Monday morning, I'll wake up and get ready for my first class as a SENIOR.  I'm so excited and I really can't believe it's already here.  I know I've been saying that all summer but it's STILL hard to believe!  I went from laying on my twin bed in my dorm room as a freshman,

to feeling connected with friends and getting closer to Jesus as a sophomore,

to making all NEW friends as a junior (when all mine got married or graduated),

to now.  I'm beginning my senior year in a wonderful house with my three best friends!  And we couldn't be more thrilled!  Praying for a fabulous last year at Tech.

2.  My wonderful drill team director, Shara, announced a few weeks ago that she and her family are moving to North Carolina!  Obviously, I'm not on the team anymore but it's still so sad that she's leaving.  I always loved going back to see her and getting the scoop on what's going on!  I got to spend a wonderful evening with her and her daughter just before I came back to Lubbock.  I'm so glad we got to do that!  I will miss her dearly but hope to see her back here when the holidays roll around! 

Precious Caroline!

3.  Funny story...kind of.  My roommate and I got tricked into paying this 13 year old kid $20 to mow our front lawn (which is TINY).  And he wanted another $20 for the back.  We've never paid anyone to mow before so this was all brand new to us.  Little Mario got way more than what he worked for.  Anyway, come to find out there's a lawn guy our landlord uses (he has a team of 4 guys), and they get the work done in 15 minutes tops.  They mowed, edged and blew for THIRTY DOLLARS.  Can you believe that?!  It's this guy's main job and we only paid $30!  So basically we got scammed. haha!  You live and learn I guess...

4.  The other day I sent off some adorable baby gifts to my sweet friends who are having little ones soon!  Josh and Elise Hurst are due in October and they aren't finding out the gender!  I could never...but props to them for not caving!  And Eric and Sydney Burleson are expecting a baby girl, Ellie Grace, in December.  I, of course, had to send them Tech gear...what could they need more?!

And for the baby that could be a boy OR a girl...I don't have a picture!  But I got a little Red Raider t-shirt and a few bibs!  I can't wait to share pics of the babies in these outfits!

5.  Last but not least, with the help of my friend Kathryn, I'm officially leading the Spring Break mission trip back to Haiti!  It's crazy exciting, scary, and a huge test of faith all at the same time!  I know the Lord is going to do big things through this trip and the people who will be on it!  Praising Him for the opportunity to go back a FOURTH time and be leading the group!!  

     These pictures cause a stirring in my heart.  I am full of joy when I think about the fact that I get to be back in the place that I love so much!  If you pray, would you consider praying for this trip?  For the Lord to be the leader, that I might get out of the way and allow Him to work.  And for my sanity, that the planning of this trip doesn't become so stressful that I miss out on anything or allow relationships to be neglected.

Thanks in advance and have a FABULOUS weekend!

P.S. My sweet friends (and roomies) Jenna and Erin got back from Costa Rica safe and sound!  Can't wait to see them tomorrow!