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     So the first week of school was a bit stressful and taking 21 hours is really starting to sink in!  So that's why I haven't posted since Monday!  I'm super excited because I FINALLY start my practicum on Monday!  I'm interning with Adoption Covenant in Lubbock and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I'm excited to get to see a little bit more of adoption from the inside!  Anyway here we go with my first "Currently" post!

     Listening: Hot 20 Countdown on CMT.  It's a Saturday ritual at home in McKinney and I'm implementing it here!

     Drinking: Coffee....what else?!  This morning I slept in a bit so yes it's almost noon and I'm having my coffee.  College life.

     Wearing: I've already showered today which is the ONLY reason I'm already out of my pajamas!

     Feeling: Sleepy, a bit overwhelmed, excited.  My girls and I had some major pillow talk last night...hence the sleepiness.  I'm starting to really feel the pace I'm going to have to run at this semester.  It's only the end of the first week and I already have to have an entire novel read by Tuesday and presenatation ready by Wednesday!  Eeeeeek.  Nonetheless, I'm excited about this semester and what it holds!  It's gonna be a good one.  I really can't believe it's my last football season as a student...I digress.

Pics from our  game watching party last night...WE WON! #wreckem

     Weather: Pretty pretty pretty!  Bright and sunny outside but pretty warm so not planning to spend much time outside today!

     Wanting: I'm pretty content at the moment.  Sitting on the couch, sipping my coffee, listening to the hottest country songs in the background...I can't ask for too much more.  Except maybe some down time, some solitude with Jesus...you know, the norm.

     Needing:  Read, read, read.  A novel called "Castle of Otranto" (bleh) and I have to read a chapter of a textbook to prepare for my presentation!  Also, this may be a want too but I feel like I need hugs from my momma and daddy!  Always miss them.

     Thinking: About all the little babies that have been coming into the world this week and all the ones that will come into the world in the next few months!  A few summers ago I knew a TON of people getting married.  Right now I know at least eight people who just had a baby, are about to have a baby, or recently announced their pregnancy!  Praying blessings over those families!

     Enjoying: The quiet in my house right now.  One roommate sleeping, one at work, one relaxing in her room, me on the couch.  I love slow mornings.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. so many good things :) miss having friends over and watching games. *sigh* grown up life is kinda bleugh. haha but I get to spend money whenever I want ;)