Hello Sweet Cheer: I have returned!


I have returned!

Hi friends!

So sorry for the silence last week...

     I had no intention of leaving blogland last week.  It was one of those things where I just wasn't feeling super inspired.  I felt like I had been writing the same posts over and over for the past few weeks and really just had a bit of writer's block.  Really though, I think it did me some good!  I'm glad to be back and I do have a bit of a change coming your way!

     I'm back in Lubbock for my senior year.  It's really happening and I totally can't believe it.  Since I'll be starting back to classes in a week (and I'm taking 21 hours) I've decided to pull back on posting five times a week.  I'll go back down to three times a week to give myself a little breathing room!  I'll do my best to make every post worthwhile!!

     Today and tomorrow I've got a leadership retreat for the ministry I'm involved in here, so that should be a lot of fun!  I got here Saturday night and I feel like I've been busy ever since I walked in the door!  But I'm totally loving living in this new house!  It's such a nice change from my last house.  My best friend and roommate, Abby, gets here today!  YAY!!!  I'm so excited to see her face and get her to myself for the week!  As a reminder...this is what she looks like:

Well I'm off to plan, dream, pray for this coming semester...happy Monday!!

P.S. Today is my Grandmother's EIGHTY-SECOND birthday!  Wowza, people!  That is a long time to be here on this earth but I'm praying her day is SWELL!


  1. A break from blogging is necessary! It is good to take step back, reflect, and take some time for yourself. I always end up coming back with a lot of inspiration and topics. Good Luck with your semester and nice to connect through Texas Women Bloggers. Happy Monday!

  2. This is my first time reading your blog...love your writing style!

    Enjoy your final year of college, it goes way too fast :)

    ((Following you on Bloglovin now))

  3. 21 Hours! Holy smokes girl! I could only manage about 14 at a time when I was in school.

  4. School first!! but whenever you post, I'll be here!! annnnd happy birthday to your grandma!

  5. PS I nominated you for Liebster Award! It'll be up tomorrow.

  6. Good luck on your Senior year, so so so exciting! :)