Hello Sweet Cheer: Move in day + the D word


Move in day + the D word

Happy Thursday, friends!

     Today, August 1st, means I leave for Lubbock TOMORROW!  I am so excited to FINALLY move all my things into our new house!  I probably won't get everything in order in one weekend but I will be sure to post pictures of our progress when I get back!  I still have three weeks of work left after this weekend so the summer isn't over quite yet... but I'm super excited about this little Lubbock teaser!!  I get to live with these girls....!!! 

On to today's topic...the D word...better known as divorce.

     Why do I want to talk about this sometimes depressing subject?  Because I'm learning a lot about it.  This summer I have had people in my life who are and have been effected by divorce and it's been sobering for me. 

     I've had friends with divorced parents my entire life.  That's not new to me.  What IS new to me is being apart of someone's life in a day to day, consistent manner who has been greatly effected by divorce and continues to be effected all the time.  I've been broken for these people.  I've been broken for everyone I know who has dealt with divorce in some way, shape or form.  It breaks my heart to know that people have witnessed the turmoil in their parents relationship since they can remember.  It's no wonder people are so screwed up...when divorce is acceptable and encouraged in our society we have certainly gone wrong.  Of course I believe we're all screwed up because of something much more than just divorce.  It's called SIN.  And I don't want to sound like there is never place for divorce.  While the Lord would rather we figure it out and stay committed, there is biblical merit for divorce.  I believe that.  And sometimes the Lord blesses a second marriage GREATLY!  So I don't want to undermine that either.

     But... as a general rule, divorce is a specific sin that tends to change people and a lot of times create incredible turmoil in the lives of children.  And that makes me so very sad.

     On a happier note...there is HOPE!  There is FORGIVENESS!  And the Lord wants to wrap you in His arms no matter where you've been or how your life has progressed without a relationship with Him.  That is such good news, people!  What a beautiful picture of redemption God painted for us on that cross.  Thank you Jesus for giving Your life to save me from my wretched self!

Hope your week has been wonderful.  It's almost the weekend!!!

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