Hello Sweet Cheer: Today Marks the End


Today Marks the End

Hi friends!  Happy Thursday!!

     Today marks the end of a wonderful few weeks at my house!  This morning my family and I dropped off our sweet Chinese friends, Candy and Linda, at the church to head off to the airport.  After leaving here they are headed to Las Vegas and then Las Angeles!

     It was a bit of a tough goodbye.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know them and showing them around McKinney.  They were such polite guests and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I know I'm going to miss them dearly!

Here are some pictures from our time together!

(a picture of a picture...terrible, I know!)

     The past three weeks have been such a cool ministry experience.  We've gotten to show them the love of Christ and teach them all kinds of things about the United States of America.  I miss them already and hope to see them again one day!!

We love you Candy and Linda!


  1. What a super cool experience! It's always super hard to say goodbye to new friends but those are definitely memories that you'll have forever :)

  2. International friends are so much fun! Looks like you all had a good time!

  3. that sounds so fun having people stay for a week or so!! And you get to learn about their culture .. maybe? haha