Hello Sweet Cheer: Saturday Insta Round Up


Saturday Insta Round Up

Happy Weekend, friends!  I hope this Saturday has been treating you well so far!

The best part of my week is when I get to intern at Adoption 
Covenant where I'm learning more and more about adoption. 

My roommates and I decorated for Fall! :) 


Coffee date! 

 A few students at the youth group I volunteer with! 
They were matching so it had to be documented!

A yummy wowieccino from Sheridan's! 

Broke out the boots the other day.  
Too we still have highs in the 90s next week :(

     Lately I've been listening to The Dearest Place series from The Village Church.  It's an awesome six part series about the church and I've been soaking in a lot of truth through it.  Go check it out on iTunes if you get a chance!  Currently the Lord is teaching me a lot about trust, patience, and busyness.  These are three things the Lord is ALWAYS teaching me about but even more specifically now.  He's been giving me small glimpses of skills I need to hone that I'll use constantly after college.  It doesn't make graduation or the future any more unknown, but it encourages me that I won't have to go through it alone.  My Savior will be walking with me every step of the way.  I've been clinging to that simple fact lately.
"He is my refuge and fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Psalm 91:2


  1. I'm graduating after this semester too!! Congrats! I know how life changing and challenging it is!

    1. Thank you! Congrats to you too! I have until May but it's still hard to believe!

  2. Graduation is going to come faster than you think! I miss college all the time!! PS. interning at adoption center?! sounds like fun!! do you get to see the little kiddos?!

    1. I know, I feel like it'll be May before I know it! Working at the adoption agency is SO AWESOME. I love it a lot but I haven't interacted with any kids yet! I'm hoping to witness a termination and an adoption in court sometime this semester and I'll get to see some kiddos then!