Hello Sweet Cheer: The Game of a Lifetime


The Game of a Lifetime

     Alright so it’s Thursday and I haven’t blogged all week.  I have to say, it feels weird!  I had a busy week last week and a crazy packed weekend!  So this week every quiet moment has been napping or lounging to recover from last week’s craziness!

     On Friday my roommates and I threw a surprise backyard going away party for our sweet friend Hillary!  She just graduated from Tech in August with a degree in Accounting and is leaving to go overseas in about a week!  She’ll be there working with a missions organization for six months.  We are super proud of her and can’t wait to hear about all that goes on there.  We set up a screen and projector, lanterns all around the yard, watched her favorite movie and had all her favorite snacks!  It was super fun!

     Saturday was game day, of course!  It was the home opener and we striped out the Jones…it was beyond perfect!  We had so much fun cheering on our Red Raiders and were just so happy to finally be back at a football game after a LONG summer!  As if that wasn’t good enough, Hillary was recruited by and is friends with the Chancellor of our University.  They were texting during the game and we ended up getting invited up to his suite for the second half of the game!  It was an incredible experience.  Chancellor Hance is the nicest man!  He took time out of his evening to meet us, chat with us, and give us advice.  It was so much fun to get to do that with all my best friends!  We had a blast and I’ll NEVER forget the first game of my senior year!!

 So excited to be in the suite! :)

 Such a great view of the field!

     We owe all thanks to Hillary for being such a great student and letting us get in on her connection with Chancellor Hance!  I am just so thankful!  And of course we owe a lot to the Chancellor for being such an awesome guy!

     Sunday was a little more relaxed but it was also the day Hillary left!  We had to say goodbye, which was tough, but she’ll be back in no time!  Love you baby Hill.

Hope your weekend was fab and this week hasn’t been too bad either!

     And guess what… IT’S GAME DAY AGAIN!  We play TCU tonight and we’re blacking out the Jones!  I’m so excited to see the guys play again and bring their best!  WRECK ‘EM!


  1. Congrats to Hillary and all she will experience! So exciting. And it sounds like a wonderfully exciting week you had.

  2. It looks like you had fun! I'm stopping by from TWB! Have a great weekend!

  3. YAY!! I miss college. Seems you're having a fantastic start to senior year!! And getting to go to Chancellor's suite?! lucky you!! bye bye Hillary!! have a safe trip!!