Hello Sweet Cheer: A Morning Off


A Morning Off

Happy Thursday, friends!

     Luckily, my 11am class got cancelled today so I got to sleep in a little bit! I got up around 10am, made some eggs and coffee and have been relaxing on the couch.  Having a morning off almost always calls for a blog post!

     This week I started a month long break from eating out!  Yikes.  It's been tough so far, but I'm getting used to it!  It's something I have on my 25 Before 25 list so I decided I should go ahead and tackle it since my 21st birthday is coming up sooooon!  :)  I'll be sure and keep you all updated on the highs and lows of this challenge!  So far the worst part is the fact that it eliminates coffee runs, Sonic happy hour, a quick tea from McAlisters...etc.  But it's going to be so sweet for my bank account and by the end of the month I'm sure I'll just feel better!

     Lately the Lord has been showing me specifc places where I struggle the most.  He's been revealing to me how toxic my sin is.  The biggest thing I've learned is how much pride I have and how damaging that can really be.  I grew up in the church, lived a basically goody-two-shoes life, and felt pretty darn good about myself for it.  I loved making people aware that I didn't party or have sex or do drugs.  I loved showing how "good" I was and how "perfect" my family was.  It wasn't until the Lord brought me to the end of myself that I recognized how dirty my heart really was.  I'm a sinner saved by Grace I don't deserve.  There is nothing I could ever do to be good enough.  There is nothing I can do to improve upon my broken life to be suitable for the Lord.  The good news is that Christ died for sins he didn't commit, so that I could know the Father and make Him known.

     I wish I had more things to say, maybe something really profound or something that might change your life.  The reality is that I don't, I'm just a college student following Jesus and sharing about it.

And because I can't stand a post with no pictures... Throwback Thursday!


  1. I'm impressed that you have time to blog while in college. Great photos and good for you with the not-eating-out challenge!

  2. Love your Throwback pictures, especially the jail one! And you are so right...having a morning off is the greatest refresher. Just reading quietly can be so inspiring!

  3. yay!! good job at trying to be a little healthier! I know it's hard but it'll be worth it and soon enough you won't even crave it!! annnnnd you can buy something you REALLY WANT with that money instead!! :) can't wait to hear about your journey with that!