Hello Sweet Cheer: A New Name?


A New Name?

It's Monday!  It's also been 13 days since I've posted...what is with me?!

     Today I want to do a bit of an Instagram Recap and see if I can brainstorm some new blog names as I will no longer be a college girl in six short months!

Google chat with the fam!

It was a red pants Monday.

 Throwback to senior year Powderpuff!


 I got cap and gown pictures taken! :O

Gameday! Wreck 'em!

I've been getting better and better at chalkboard creations!

Throwback to the first picture my roomies and I 
took together! Before we were even roomies :)


This is my friend Macy. She's great!

The best pie I've EVER had.  It was basically 
chocolate mousse, with a peanut butter crust 
and butterfingers sprinkled on top.  Yum!

This guy has been my best friend since I was a tiny baby! 
 I love him so much and am thankful for his friendship!

     I'm so excited because I get to go home this weekend!  I haven't seen my parents or little sister in about two months so it should be fun.  This weekend is actually Homecoming at my high school, so that should be a lot of fun, too!  I'm planning to go to the pep rally and hopefully cheer my Bulldogs on to a victory at the football game Friday night!

     I was chatting with my roommate the other day and realized that when I graduate in May I'm going to have to make a name change!  I'll be sad to leave my "college girl" title, but I'm excited about the prospect of picking a new name that will last for years to come!  With that requirement though, it becomes a bit of a hefty task.  I have to think of something that will apply to my young single life, to my married life, to my momma life, and hopefully (crossing my fingers) to my adoptive momma life!  I love to blog and I want this blog to grow as I grow and mature and life changes.  I still have plently of time to make a decision but I've just been trying to get the brainstorming started!  At this point I think I'm going to scrap "Reflections of a __________" since anything I put in that blank could change as my life progresses.  I'd like to go towards something more descriptive of me as a person and what I write about here!  I don't necessarily have any ideas just yet, but if you have any suggestions or ideas, comment below!

Have a great week, friends!

P.S. Today is my sister and brother-in-law's two year wedding anniversary!  Oh, happy day!!

Aren't they the sweetest?

My sister Callie is so special to me!  I love her to death 
and am so thankful I've found such close friendship with her!

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  1. I had to make a name change about a year ago... I went from Finding My Way in Texas to Busy Being Jennifer... It took me roughly a month to find a name that I loved... that was also free to be a dot com. Use a thesaurus, think of words that describe you (and always will) and then check on godaddy and see if its free (cause if you're thinking long term blogging you might as well as get the dotcom!)

    1. Oh that's great advice! I didn't even think about that, but I really should get the dot com! Thanks so much, Jennifer :)

  2. Are you gonna pursue a graduare/professional degree after getting you Bachelor's? If you go that track, you still can call yourself "College girl"!

    1. I'm not actually! That would work if I was but I'm just planning to find a job after graduation! :)

  3. I agree with Jennifer...think of all the things that you love, all the words that you or your friends would use to describe you. Write everything down and then brainstorm different versions together. I went from Goings on in Texas (which really didn't describe me at all) to Pink Heels Pink Truck (which is me wrapped up in a name). :) Good luck!

  4. I totally agree with Jennifer and Taylor. I write a running blog mostly but I wanted to be able to write about my life in general too. Best wishes!

  5. I use to be called Mouthwatering Morsel then I realized I am not always so foodie and disliked that it was MM and my name begins with an M ... hence the switch. I love it and I hope if one day I start a business or open a bakery I can still use Al Forno Mementos!