Hello Sweet Cheer: November 2013


A Full Belly + A Full Heart

Happy Thanksgiving!

     I hope your belly was filled with lots of turkey and your heart was filled with lots of love!  I know I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family and I'm sad this week is coming to an end!  Here are some pictures from our time.

I know it's a few days late but here are the three things I'm most thankful for!

1) I am thankful for the ability to have a relationship with Jesus Christ!  I'm thankful that he shows me the incredible weight of my sin, therefore revealing my great need for a Savior.  I'm thankful that God sent His perfect Son to die in place of me.  I am blown away and grateful for the perfection of my Savior and His willingness to bleed so that I might be able to commune with the Father.  I'm thankful that He was victorious over death by walking out of the tomb three days later!  Thank you Jesus for your great love for me and sacrifice so that I might live.

2) I am thankful for my precious family.  I'm thankful that I've been blessed with parents who love each other, siblings who love and protect me, and lots of extended family that support me!  It's such a blessing to have Christ-like marriages around me to look to as examples.  Their love for each other is beautiful to witness!

3) I am thankful for the little things.  I'm thankful for football and friends and school spirit.  I'm thankful for country music, late night summer swims and enjoying New Year's Eve with my best friend Lauren every year.  I'm thankful for the technology that allows me to stay connected to those far away from me.  I'm thankful for sweaters, scarves, and afternoon coffee.  I'm thankful for crunching leaves, falling snow and the rhythym of rain on the roof.  I'm thankful for all the things the Lord provides that bring me simple joys!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Happy Weekend!


A Bucket List Update

Hi friends!

     As I mentioned on Friday, I was in San Marcos this weekend to visit my sister and brother-in-law!  We had a ton of fun and I am so blessed by them!  I just wanted to update because this weekend I attended my FIFTH concert!  If you've been around these parts at all you know about my 25 Before 25 Bucket List.  One of the items is to attend ten concerts so I'm officially half way to completing that one!  I have a few more years so I'm not too worried about making it to ten :)  This weekend we saw Jason Boland and The Stragglers and they were INCREDIBLE.  I only knew one of the songs they played and still had so much fun!  That's when you know someone is a quality musician and a great performer!

Here are some fun pictures from our weekend and specifically from the concert!

Have a great week friends!  Hope your weekend was as swell as mine!


Happy Friday!

Welcome to the weekend!  Today I have energy only for a list.  So here we go.

ONE.  I'm in San Marcos!  Visiting these two cool cats.

TWO.  We're seeing Jason Boland tomorrow!

THREE.  You must watch this most precious video of Luke Bryan singing with one of his fans!

FOUR.  I was recently offered an interview for a part-time job so I'm STOKED!  I'm really hoping it goes well and I get the job because I have to work next semester!  I don't recommend not working in college...I really hate it.

FIVE.  I'm praying for a huge upset this weekend!  My beloved Red Raiders are 7-3 right now so it would be so fun to knock Baylor off of their winning streak and jack up their post-season chances! :)

Have a great weekend, friends!


A Veteran's Day Shoutout

Happy Veteran's Day!

     I want to give a special shoutout to my two cousins who are currently serving and my Gramps who served in the 1940's at the very end of World War II.  I'm blessed to know brave men who have given time out of their lives to serve this nation.

Robert T. Collier, US Navy.

1st Lieutenant Ethan T. Womble, US Marine Corps.

Ensign Luke C. Womble, US Navy Medical Student.

Luke is on the left :)

I'm beyond thankful for their brave sacrifice and service to this nation!  Love you E, love you Lukey!

Hope you've had a great Monday!


A Pop Culture Update

Happy Thursday!

     I think my lack of blogging over the past few weeks has finally caught up to me!  I’ve been all about putting together posts this week!  Last night I watched the CMA Awards and it was glorious!  I love country music and the CMA’s not only recognize some of the year’s greats but also puts on a fabulous show!  There were some great performances and of course everyone dressed up real nice!  Here are the highlights…

Red Carpet:
Here are my two favorite Voice winners!  #TeamBlake of course :) They're both just getting started in their careers and I’m happy to have them in country music and on country radio!
Carrie looked stunning as always.
And the royal couple of country music….Blake and Miranda!  Come on, who doesn’t just LOVE this sweet couple?!  Not only are they both extremely talented but they are such a great pair.  Miranda is just stunning.

The Main Event:
Brad and Carrie opened the show with their usual cheesy sketch incorporating pop culture and even some politics…I LOLed at their Obamacare joke.
I was THRILLED to see Blake Shelton win both Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year.  He really has had a huge year and he deserved it!

Florida Georgia Line kind of stole the night!  They performed in the opening number with Luke Bryan, had their own set later in the show and scooped up two CMA’s!  Congrats guys!  Love their music.

     I loved the performances by Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, and The Band Perry.  They all did fabulous and I loved the new music they shared.  Hillary Scott of Lady A looked DASHING after having her sweet baby this summer.  The most exciting award of the night, though, was the big one.  Entertainer of the Year went to George Strait!  It was such an appropriate way to go out.  He took his last tour this year so I would say this put a nice cap on his career! 

It's almost the weekend!  Happy Thursday!


The best November 4th of my life

Happy Tuesday!

     I just had to post about my birthday yesterday.  I turned 21 and my roommates (who are also my best friends) were the greatest!  They made my day so special and I am BEYOND thankful that I have them in my life.  They got me some fun gifts, planned a super fun dinner at Ruby Tequila's, bought me a cake (!!), and just made me feel so loved.  I can't say enough good things about them!  Living with them for the past few months has been such an incredible blessing!  They are the most fun people I know, constantly making me laugh, taking me on adventures and most importantly our friendships are real.  They are always pointing me back to cross and for that I couldn't be more grateful.  I wish everyone could have as awesome a living situation as I do!

Here are some fun pics from the celebration!

And I'm so ready for this week to be over because my family is going to be in town on Thursday!  I just can't wait :)  Have a great week, friends!