Hello Sweet Cheer: Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

Welcome to the weekend!  Today I have energy only for a list.  So here we go.

ONE.  I'm in San Marcos!  Visiting these two cool cats.

TWO.  We're seeing Jason Boland tomorrow!

THREE.  You must watch this most precious video of Luke Bryan singing with one of his fans!

FOUR.  I was recently offered an interview for a part-time job so I'm STOKED!  I'm really hoping it goes well and I get the job because I have to work next semester!  I don't recommend not working in college...I really hate it.

FIVE.  I'm praying for a huge upset this weekend!  My beloved Red Raiders are 7-3 right now so it would be so fun to knock Baylor off of their winning streak and jack up their post-season chances! :)

Have a great weekend, friends!

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