Hello Sweet Cheer: It's November!


It's November!

It's a weekend update!

     Thanks so much for your responses and advice about getting a new blog name.  I'm still brainstorming but the new name will be coming at you soon!  I've been pretty unmotivated to blog lately...so I'm forcing myself to just get it together and post something because I know if I get back into a routine the words will flow!

My roommates and I had a super fun and jam packed weekend!  

     On Thursday (in college our weekends start early) we did Trunk or Treat at our church, which was so much fun!  I loved seeing all the sweet kiddos dressed up and passing out candy was a ton of fun.  Then we went home and got our real costumes on and headed over to get our dance on!  It was a good time.

     Friday was a super relaxing day for me!  I napped like crazy, which never ever happens so PTL for that!  We all got lots of homework done and just took it easy until 10:30pm when we got all decked out in 90's wear and headed to the skate rink!  We went to a 90's skate party put on by Phi Lamb (a Christian sorority).  It was so much fun!

     Of course Saturday was all about Red Raider football.  We got to the stadium around 3:45pm for the 6pm kickoff.  These days we have to get there crazy early to get a good seat!  The game didn't turn out how I would have hoped, but like I posted on Facebook, there's nothing I love more about college than being a Red Raider!  I'll always stand behind my team and I'm proud of the effort they gave on Saturday.

     Sunday was glorious.  Sunday's tend to be that way for me, but this one was the greatest.  Church was great, we went to free lunch and then I had a few meetings to attend.  Once I got home though, the real fun began!  I lit some candles, grabbed my laptop and threw some cookies in the oven.  My roommates and I studied away and enjoyed the quiet of a Sunday afternoon.  I just loved it.  It's one of those things I can't get enough of!

     This week should be fun!  I've got a few tests, but my parents will be in town on Thursday and some family friends are getting here on Friday!  I'm super excited to see them and have a little birthday celebration!  I'm ready for you November.

P.S. My SWEET roommates decorated my bedroom door for my birthday today.  They are just the best!


  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying the college experience and making the most of it. :)

  2. Did you make them all pose for the "homework" pic? lol. Abby looks like she can't keep a keep a straight face

  3. yay!! miss college life. seems like things are going great for you! :)