Hello Sweet Cheer: The best November 4th of my life


The best November 4th of my life

Happy Tuesday!

     I just had to post about my birthday yesterday.  I turned 21 and my roommates (who are also my best friends) were the greatest!  They made my day so special and I am BEYOND thankful that I have them in my life.  They got me some fun gifts, planned a super fun dinner at Ruby Tequila's, bought me a cake (!!), and just made me feel so loved.  I can't say enough good things about them!  Living with them for the past few months has been such an incredible blessing!  They are the most fun people I know, constantly making me laugh, taking me on adventures and most importantly our friendships are real.  They are always pointing me back to cross and for that I couldn't be more grateful.  I wish everyone could have as awesome a living situation as I do!

Here are some fun pics from the celebration!

And I'm so ready for this week to be over because my family is going to be in town on Thursday!  I just can't wait :)  Have a great week, friends!


  1. Happy Birthday! So glad they treated you so well. Now go and enjoy being 21.

  2. Such a cute blog! I love that you are blogging at such a young age. It will be so fun for you to go back and relive everything! :) Beautiful pictures, and happy 21st birthday!

    1. Thank you! I've been at it for 2 years now and it has already been fun to look back! I can't imagine what it will be like in the next few years :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your cake looks so cute. :) What great friends.

  4. happy 21st!! that cake looks great! wish one day I can make pretty cakes like those!!