Hello Sweet Cheer: A Hodge Podge of Chatter


A Hodge Podge of Chatter

Hi friends!

     As of today there are only THIRTEEN days until Christmas!  That's a bit scary for me as I haven't even begun shopping for family and friends!  But it's such a fun time of year and I've got a lot of fun things planned over the next week.

     This Saturday I'll be at a wedding for some dear friends in Lubbock, I'll be driving to Dallas on Sunday, spending Monday with my roommates galavanting around DFW, Tuesday in McKinney and then I'll be headed to Austin to celebrate my roommate Abby's birthday until Thursday!  It's going to be crazy and hectic but I'm so excited to spend some time treating myself and enjoying friends since this is my last Christmas break ever!  Come May I'll be getting a full-time job and who knows how much time I'll have off next December.

     Another exciting thing is that I'm FINISHED WITH FINALS!  I took my last exam yesterday afternoon and I have officially completed this twenty-one hour semester and now there are only FIVE courses between me and college graduation!  It's such a crazy thought, I can't believe these years have gone by so fast.  I've met so many incredible people, had so many exciting experiences and have grown so much in the past three and a half years.  It's crazy to think that I am five months from graduation and this Spring will be my very last semester of college.  I try not to think about it too long, if I do I tend to end up in tears!  They're good tears, tears of happiness, sadness, nervousness and fear.  All things I think are just part of the transition I'll be experiencing so soon!

     I was recently hired as a tutor at the Marsha Sharp Center for Student-Athletes!  I'm so excited about this new opportunity and the unique experience I'll gain from it!  Lastly, I made this video recently as a tribute to the three trips I've taken to Haiti!  I've loved the time I've spent there and have been blessed by the new relationships that have been formed through those trips.  Check out this quick video!

Happy December!  Have a wonderful week and great Christmas season!

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