Hello Sweet Cheer: That after Christmas feeling...


That after Christmas feeling...

Happy Thursday, friends!

     I hope today finds you joyful for the celebration that happened and excited for the prospect of a new year!  I also know that not everyone is so cheery once all the wrapping paper is disposed of, turkey eaten and gifts recieved.  Do you ever get that 'after Christmas' feeling?  Kind of like...what now?  There is so much anticipation for what is to come...the birth of our Savior!  The huge meal, the gifts...and then what?  It's all over.  And then we go back to work and school and spend the whole year working to be able to provide once again.

     This reminds me of what it felt like after committing my life to Christ.  The excitement and the joy that comes with being saved is indescribable!  I couldn't wait to give my heart to Jesus and continue to be loved completely by Him...and then I did it...I gave my life to the one who created me and then what...?  I was a bit lost.  The excitement was over but truthfully the work had just begun!  I was fulfilled, loved, and treasured by my creator but the fight against my wicked sin began in the moment following Christ's rescuing of my heart.  Following Jesus isn't an easy road, and it's not always very fun if I'm going to be honest.  But let me tell you, it is good.  The love, peace, satisfaction and immense joy my Savior causes in my heart is matchless!

     Following this Christmas season, moving into a new year I pray that you keep your eyes fixed upon the Maker who rescues and redeems!  His love is bigger and better than any one could dream up.

And on that note here are some pictures from my family's Christmas celebration!

This sweater was knitted by my great aunt!  Just dug it out of my dad's closet and it's mine now!

 We hosted a craft at the Ronald McDonald House on Monday.  Unfortunately no kiddos showed up but we had fun anyway!

 My brother-in-law...hahaha!

 Christmas Eve with family friends!

 Adorable Grinch heads (via Pinterest) on Christmas morning!

And the puppy got a little treat from Santa!!! 

My dad...a true Texan!  My mom got him a pearl snap shirt, new cowboy hat and some Levi's for Christmas!  He's also holding a mason jar shot glass that belongs to my brother-in-law.  Hahaha!

Have a great day, friends!!!

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  1. Looks like a great gathering of people you must love a lot. Happy New Year!