Hello Sweet Cheer: Happy Monday: Spring Goals!


Happy Monday: Spring Goals!

So yes we're well into the New Year and I haven't posted in a while...

     I've been enjoying the end of my winter break, getting back into the swing of school and haven't had too much to say.  To be honest I watched four and a half seasons of Parenthood in one week while I was home...therefore I was a total bum and had nothing cool to post about!  Haha!

This picture is a great depiction of my last week at home...

Me, my cat and my iPad!

     But today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I'm not in class...just lounging on my couch sipping on some coffee!  Today is a day to remember the dream Dr. King had...and to thank the Lord for the work He did to transform lives so many years ago.  Without the work of Jesus in the hearts of men, I may not have grown up in a world where blacks and whites were viewed equal.  I may have grown up similar to the way my grandparents did, learning that color should determine value.  I'm thankful for the way God used Dr. King to stir up a desire in people to stand up for what they believed in.  I won't act like racism doesn't still exist in this country, I think we can all agree in saying that prejudices are alive and well.  But today is a day to stand victorious over this specific injustice in our country!

For more on this topic, check out this great sermon preached by our lead pastor yesterday!

     Okay, on to the main topic: GOALS!

     I'm excited to address three goals for this semester!  It's hard to post things like this sometimes just because it creates so much accountability...which is obviously a positive thing...so here we go!

In the next four months I hope to...

ONE.  Take full advantage of the precious time I have left here in Lubbock.

     It's really hard to know that the people I currently see every day will turn people I see a few times a year come May.  It's a reality I'm having to come to terms with and it's not so easy.  My knee jerk reaction is to start pulling away from them now.  It seems that as humans we are in the business of protecting ourselves.  About two years ago I had some of my closest friends go through some huge life changes and a lot of them moved away.  In that time I basically went into defense mode by distancing myself from them and in the end doing some damage to the friendships that were so dear to me.  I want to do my best this semester to not allow that to happen between me and these friends I cherish so much.

TWO.  Get really good at chalkboard art.

     I recently made a big chalkboard and I'm loving it!  So far I've done just two quotes on it and I know I'm going to enjoy it.  I hope I can really master the art!

THREE.  Prepare well for my hopes to work with Communities in Schools.

     I already have a few connections with CIS so I'm super excited about the prospect of securing a job with them!

Happppppy Monday!


  1. I love your Chalkboard art!!! One of my girl friends did chalkboard art to document her pregnancy (aka bump pics). She would design her art in Word or Photoshop and then print it out and then use it as a guide to put on her Chalkboard.

  2. Great chalk board art. My daughter in law gave me one for Christmas I have in the kitchen. I have to get better with my style...love Taylor's idea to use printouts.

  3. haha your last week at home is like my day everyday! ... except I'll be working out in front of the telly. have you tried using chalk markers? you get cleaner lines than regular chalk!

    1. Haha nice! I've heard of them...but I've never tried them! Thanks for the tip!