Hello Sweet Cheer: Five on Friday!


Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  It's almost the weekend!

Linking up today!

1) Today is the LAST day of February.  That is crazy and honestly freaks me out a little bit.  It means I'm closer and closer to walking that stage!  78 days...!

2) Here's my latest jam!  I've been hung up on it since like November...check out the rap section in the middle of the song.  Love love love.

3) If you missed it, I recently posted about the latest update on life after college!  Still searching for a full-time job!

4) Tonight I'm going to a seminar at my church called "Engage Mormonism".  I'm super excited about it.  I've encountered Mormons all throughout my life and I can't wait to hear more about their religion and how to best engage them with the Gospel!

5) PARENTHOOD came back last night!  They had to take a few weeks off because of the Olympics and I'm so glad they're finally back!  It was a great episode to kick off the second half of the season!

BONUS: Be on the lookout for a new signature!  My sweet sister is designing it for me!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. ahhhh grad is just around the corner. but it seems you had the time of your life in college so no regrets ... like me. :P haha and the fact you'll be staying there you won't be far from friends so that's amazing!! :) I LOVE parenthood. I watched the first few seasons on netflix. now just waiting for it to be on there again. dysfunctional families are the most functional families. :P

    1. Yes! No regrets...just big changes coming! And Parenthood is THE best! All the seasons are on Netflix and the season that is airing is on nbc.com! You should check it out...I'm so obsessed! Thanks for following along and always leaving me comments! It definitely doesn't go unnoticed!!