Hello Sweet Cheer: Rebranding + Big News


Rebranding + Big News

Hi friends!

     Now that I'm less than three months away from graduating college, I'm starting to figure out what this blog will be called and what it will look like when I rebrand.  I'm so excited about it and I can't wait to actually buy the .com space!  I have dreams in my head of what this space will look like after a bit of makeover!  I love the way things look right now but if I'm going to change my name I think I'll change everything all at once!

     In other news... I have offically decided to stay here in Lubbock when I graduate!  I know it sounds crazy since I've been talking about moving back to Dallas for almost two years now, but I've prayed about it, lost sleep over it and weighed out all my options.  I've come to the conclusion that it will be best for me to stay in Lubbock!  I'm super excited about being here, staying connected with my church and not having to say goodbye to all my dear friends.  With that being said, I am currently searching and applying for full-time jobs.  Ahhh!  That is super crazy.  If you have any Lubbock connections in schools or non-profits shoot me an e-mail!

Here are some pictures to recap the last few weeks!

 Ha ha ha...

 My roommates being goofballs.

 Stopped in Dublin for some Dr. Pepper on our road trip!

 These three mean the world to me.

     I'll be back soon with a better update and some things Jesus has shown me lately.  Also, I'm vowing to get back in on "Five on Friday" and "Insta Monday".  See you tomorrow!  

Have a happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Its always nice to have a plan! Lubbock is lucky to keep ya! :)

  2. yay! can't wait to see what you'll do to the bloggie blog! annnnnd yay to almost graduating and growing up finding jobs! good luck with it! :) :)

  3. Old news. Heard it all this afternoon...