Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update + Oh So Paleo


Weekend Update + Oh So Paleo

Hi friends!  I'm finally back with a run down of the last week!

O N E  I graduated college!  I am officially a Texas Tech Alum and a working woman!

T W O  I started full-time at my current job only to find out that I won't be making enough money, so I have to get a new job...womp womp womp :(  But I'm on the hunt and I have high hopes for something I'll enjoy!

T H R E E  My sweet, precious, loving boyfriend and I went to San Antonio this Memorial Day weekend to meet and hang out with his momma!  And his sweet little brother, Tommy.  It was a super fun weekend and we really enjoyed our time with family!  His mom is such a sweetheart and I'm so blessed to know her!  I'm so glad they liked me...at least I think they did ;)

F O U R  My sister, Rachel, launched her new paleo blog!  If you like food blogs, go check it out.  She's an awesome writer and a super great cook!  She shares paleo recipes, tips, and tricks for living a healthy paleo lifestyle!  www.ohsopaleo.com

Also, go like her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

That's all for now, friends!  Have a fabulous week!


  1. so much amazingness! congrats on graduating! and sucks about the job but hey at least you have SOME kind of income coming in, right? until you get a better one. :) annnnd yeahh san antonio. didn't know you had a bf so yay to that too!! and also great that your sister jumped on the blog wagon! mine's about to change but I will still be continue reading your blog when my new one is all changed up! :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, life is sort of crazy right now but things are good! And yes, my wonderful Ryan :) I try to keep up with yours too!! Glad we can follow each other :)