Hello Sweet Cheer: I'm a real adult...and an instagram update!


I'm a real adult...and an instagram update!

Happy weekend!  

I haven't done an instagram update in quite a while, so here are my posts from the last three weeks!

We are goofballs :)
Throwback to the day I decided to become a Red Raider!
Helped my kiddos make Mother's Day cards at work!  They were just the sweetest.

Wine, pizza and the NBA playoffs.  Fun date night!

A Mother's Day post about my sweet momma!

This is my favorite coffee in Lubbock!  Had breakfast with one of my best friends recently.

My rebrand!

Graduation flowers from my sweet Ryan!

I'm a graduate!!!

Grad party was a huge success!

Ryan and I visited his family in San Antonio and got to eat dinner on the Riverwalk!

The Alamo was a fun place to snap some photos!

My friend just got two kittens...they. are. precious.
Coffee with my love this morning!

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     I've officially been a college graduate for TWO WHOLE WEEKS.  I'm not sure if it's truly hit me yet that I'm finished forever!  The fact that it's summer right now makes it feel a little surreal.  Like, am I going back to class in August?  Haha!  Anyway, so I'm working full-time at a preschool right now and am about to transition into a nanny position, fingers crossed!  I've been doing things like paying bills, rent, and completing exit counseling for my student loans...I'm beginning to feel like a real adult!  

     Lately I've been trying to get my head straight with work and everything so here in the next few weeks I should be on a better blogging schedule!  I'm hoping to get back to my two posts a week and eventually transition back to three posts a week!

Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. Congratulations!! I'll tell you a secret, I'm in my mid 30s with 3 kids and still sit back and think "wow I'm actually an adult!" Sometimes I look around and think wasn't I just 16? LOL I hope your journey into adulthood is fun and successful!!

  2. I am, ahem, a few years older than you so I will try not to be jealous of the great choices you have ahead of you. :-) I've made some really great ones so that's the only reason I can be so "adult" about this. ;-)

  3. cute new name!! how did you come up with it?! I'm racking my brain trying to come up with something as simple as that. sigh ...

    yay to growing up ... but not really. I miss being young. :P

    1. Hey Melissa! Thanks! I really like it! It took me FOREVER to come up with though, haha. I explain how I decided on it in this post! http://www.hellosweetcheer.com/2014/05/introducinghello-sweet-cheer.html