Hello Sweet Cheer: Introducing...Hello Sweet Cheer!


Introducing...Hello Sweet Cheer!

Happy Thursday!!
     So I'm a few days early but I'm officially launching Hello Sweet Cheer today!  I have completely redesigned this space and I love the way it turned out!  The road to deciding on a name was long and grueling but when I finally made a decision I felt really good about it.
     In my journey toward a new blog name I had a few parameters.  First, I wanted this name to be specific enough to describe me now but general enough to describe me over the next five, ten or fifteen years.  I wanted it to make sense for a young, unmarried blogger as well as for a newlywed and young momma.  I'm hoping this name is something that does a good job of describing me and my blog while still being able to grow with me as this blog follows each life stage I enter!  It was a pretty huge feat, which is why it took me months to figure out!  I also knew that I wanted it to be three words that went together but weren't necessarily an existing phrase.  So...here's why I chose each word!

H e l l o
I love writing in a way that is conversational!  My style is very relaxed and informal, making this place feel real!  I enjoy writing this way and it's my natural demeanor.  I wanted some that would sort of anchor the three words together, without being just a describing word.  "Hello" just seemed to fit!

S w e e t
This was the first word I was committed to!  I love to write about small joys, the sweet things in life!  At the end of the day I want to lay my bed on the pillow and remember that no matter what's going on, life is sweet and is such a gift.  Not to mention full life, in Jesus!  "Sweet" reminds me of the privelege it is to live and the incredible, undeserving gift I've been given through Christ's death, burial and resurrection!

C h e e r
In general, I'm a pretty joyful person!  I wanted to include something that would portray my personality, so I was deciding between cheer, joy and honey.  I also wanted to use something that would help the name sound fun!  I try to blog about fun things so "Cheer" it is!

     I wanted my blog name to describe who I am, the way I write, and what I write about!  I feel like these three words do a great job of that and I'm excited to start this new journey as Hello Sweet Cheer!  Find me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook under the name "Hello Sweet Cheer" or follow my social media buttons on the sidebar!  Thanks so much for reading!  I can't wait to see where my little piece of the interwebs takes me!

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     Oh and no big deal...I graduate college in TWO days!  My family arrives tonight, I'm having a fiesta tomorrow and my ceremony is Saturday afternoon!  I'm so excited and so ready to walk that stage!

Have a great day, friends!


  1. LOVE the name and the Red Raiders! My family hails from West Texas and my great-grandmother was one of the first female students at Tech!! Great pics, enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the new design and the name!! Adorable!

  3. I like how intentional you name is. Good choice!