Hello Sweet Cheer: Security in Jesus


Security in Jesus

Happy Monday, friends!

     I'm officially moving into my new house this Wednesday!  I'm super excited because I like to have a change of scenery, so that makes this fun!  I'm also super sad because I'm moving out of a house with some of my best friends...I can't promise there won't be any tears upon my departure. :(  But I'm moving in with the sweetest friend and I'm excited about strengthening my friendship with her through living together! (I'll post pictures of my new room once I get settled, maybe on Friday?)

Here's a random goofy picture of me and my boyfriend...just for fun :)

What has Jesus been doing in my heart lately?

     I've been learning that now more than EVER, my identity has to be secure in Jesus.  My tendency is to allow the behaviors of others toward me to define my value and worth.  My tendency also is to allow my job or what I spend most of my time doing to define my value and worth.  During this transition in life and all that's new to me, it's proven to be even more clear that my identity needs to be secure in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  It's so easy for me to allow my emotions to take control which results in feeling like no one likes me and I mean nothing to anyone in my life.  These are obviously lies that I, unfortunately, choose to believe at times!  So, Jesus has been reminding me that I have to be preaching the Gospel to myself every day!

     With all of that being said, isn't it the most beautiful thing?  That the God of the universe murdered His Son so that I might live and have the ability to know Him?!  And even more beautiful is the fact that through this God recieved and continues to recieve glory!  I'm excited just typing about this...my God is perfect and loving and just and full of grace and mercy!  Here's one of my favorite songs right now!

I'll be back soon with an update on my move and maybe another preview of my rebrand?!  I'm not sure but I'm excited about getting things in order and going live on May 19th!  Also, if you have any suggestions for a new blog name feel free to share them in the comments below!  I'm still brainstorming :)  Have a great week, friends!

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  1. It is so easy to let everything else in life define us. But you're right, we need to focus on finding our identity and security in Jesus and His finished work. When we do that, God has a way of working out the other things for us. Matt. 6:33

  2. So amazing!!!! I have been thinking some of the same things. I, too, tend to let other people's opinions of me define my worth. And lately I have been seeing more lies that I had been believing. SO thankful to know that my identity and worth is in HIM and Him alone! Thanks for sharing!