Hello Sweet Cheer: Five on Friday


Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Let's get to it.

O N E.  Riot Studios has a new movie coming out!  Check out this link.

T W O.  I'm still on the job hunt and I've got a few interviews lined up for next week!  I'll share details once everything is final!

T H R E E.  As much as I'm ready for a new job situation, I sure am going to miss these precious babies!

F O U R.  In sports news...the Texas Tech baseball team is in the College World Series!  That's super exciting!  I'm learning more about baseball every day and am finding it more and more entertaining :)  The World Cup is happening...I don't care at all about it, but it's current.  Lastly, the Spurs lead the NBA Finals over the Heat 3 games to 1.  I've loved watching this team play exciting basketball!  Game 5 is on Sunday!

F I V E.  I started the week off with a menu and attempted to stick to it!  I did alright!  I did exactly what I planned on Monday and Tuesday, we took Wednesday off for small group and then last night we ate at happy hour!  So I tried, and hopefully next week will turn out a bit better.  But here are some pictures of the meals I did make!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I'm jealous of all the fun you're having!! I wish you super luck on job hunting. <3