Hello Sweet Cheer: It's Monday!


It's Monday!

Happy Monday, friends!

[blogging from my mobile device today]

     I have an interview today so keep your fingers crossed that I land this job!  I'll share details about it soon.

     My boyfriend introduced me to a music group yesterday...and they are amazing! They're called Johnnyswim. They're a married couple and they have this sort of indie, acoustic, cool sound that I just love!  You should definitely check them out.

     Can I just comment on the real world for a second?  It's super cool cause all we do is work, and when I clock out I'm done!  Which is amazing.  But let me tell you...the paying for rent, bills, groceries and every little thing I need part - is no fun at all!  Haha.  But I'm getting used to it and definitely enjoying the independence!

     I'm reading through the Psalms and here's something I was encouraged by today.  "But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night." Psalm 1:2 

     This is such good reminder to stay in the scriptures and DELIGHT in it! No matter what we're struggling with, we are commanded to meditate on the Word and allow it to sink into our hearts. And take joy in following God's commands for us!  What a beautiful thought.

Have a great week, friends!!


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  1. I just checked out Johnnyswim ... and omg ... yes. Your bf is amazing for introducing them to you so you can share it! haha