Hello Sweet Cheer: It's July!


It's July!

Hi friends!

     I really can't even believe it's already July, much less almost half way through the month!  I've been MIA around here for a while, what with starting a new job and everything.  It's been really great!  I've been adjusting to being back at work, going to bed early, waking up with the workforce, and balancing time with friends and my sweet, sweet boyfriend.  This post will be a huuuge update of what's been going on the past couple of weeks.

     So I started my new job on July 1st and I love it so much!  I am enjoying the work, I love that I stay busy, and my co-workers are so much fun and super helpful as I'm still learning everything!  I worked three days and then had a long weekend for July 4th.

     The fourth wasn't super eventful for us.  Ryan was still working overnights and had to work all weekend.  Some of his family came in town though, so I got to spend some time with them which was wonderful!  On the 5th, I got up early (Ryan stayed up after he got off at 6am) and we made a festive breakfast!  We had red velvet pancakes with a cream cheese glaze and blueberries to top it off!  And my babe made some really yummy bacon.

     This past week has been really good.  Ryan finished his last week of overnights, I settled into my job a little bit more and I'm (almost) surviving through this Texas heat.  I'm still reading through the Psalms, but I'm a bit behind if I'm being honest!  My goal for this week is to get caught up and start being really strict about budgeting my money since I get my first paycheck on Tuesday!

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Have a great day, friends!


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