Hello Sweet Cheer: FIVE of my FAVORITES



     I am a failure of a blogger!  I haven't blogged since July 14th...not because I haven't thought about it, but because I just haven't FELT like it.  I've wanted to write, but haven't known what to write about.  So today I'm taking the plunge.  I love putting posts together so here goes, my friends...!

     Today is a sweet day.  I'm sitting at Starbucks across from my best friend, enjoying the sights and sounds of Saturday morning.  There isn't a whole lot I love more than Saturday mornings.  They bring the joy of the weekend, yummy breakfast dates, tons of coffee, sometimes reading, and almost always relaxing and enjoying each other's company.  Yes, I think Saturday mornings can stay.

     At this point I'm pretty well settled into my job, I've been there a month now and I'm loving it.  I enjoy going to work every morning and I'm not completely dreading having to wake up before the sun!  That's a good sign!  ;)  Summer is quickly beginning to fade, football season will be upon us before we know it, and all my friends (and my boo) will be back on the grind of college classes.  It's going to be totally weird to not go back in the fall.  As much as I definitely don't want to and I don't think I'll miss it, at least not this semester, it will still be crazy not to be there.  I'll go through the third week of August without being handed a syllabus, being asked my major or what I want to do when I graduate, having to say something interesting about myself, or trying to make something up to answer what I want to get out of a course...it will be very different.  But I'm excited about this change and super excited about what the next year will hold for me!

Now for something fun....

 a) getting my nails done with my gals

 b) my besties and my boo

c) this picture

 d) coffee

e) these pillows

     Have a great weekend, lovelies!



  1. You are a beautiful writer! Love the pillows, spending time with friends and most of all I love your cursive font!!! Keep it up! Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Thank you so much! How sweet of you. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. 5 of my faves...Craig, Callie, Rachel, Meredith and Camille!😊

  3. glad things are going well on your end and you're not dreading work! as long as you love what you do, it'll never be dreadful! sending love!