Hello Sweet Cheer: Update: My Life is Confusing


Update: My Life is Confusing

Hi friends!  Happy Tuesday!  I haven't blogged in over two weeks...yet again!  Who am I these days?

     Let me tell you, it was so much easier to put off homework and blog instead than it is to put off exhaustion and blog instead!  I do LOOOVE this place here, it's my own, it's sweet, I just love it.  But working 40 hours a week is no easy task, my friends!

So here I am, back, to make another effort to get back into a routine of blogging.

     And let me say this...I am not getting back into a routine of blogging because I feel like I have to.  I'm not doing it because I feel like I should, or I owe anyone that.  I'm not doing it because I feel the need to tell the world about my *perfect life* (SPOILER ALERT: it isn't so perfect after all).  I'm not doing it because I want to please anyone.

     I'm doing it because I love to write.  I'm doing it because this is a place for me to express my emotions; excitement, love, joy, sadness, grief and so much more.  This is a place I want to be.  I want to be laying in my bed typing away in the evenings.  I want to be sitting in a coffee shop filling my ears with worship music as I pour out my heart onto this screen.  I want to share my life with the world, not for the sake of my fame, but for the fame of my Savior!  I want this to be a place where readers can get to know me, sure.  But more than that, I want readers to see through my life and into the heart of Jesus.  I want readers to feel that there is more to this life than this life!  My desire is to see hearts won to Christ, and this is just one way I want to live that out.

     Before I get to some updates...I titled this post "My Life is Confusing".  Not because I don't know who I am or what I believe or where I'll be in the next year.  But because I'm trying to navigate the post-college-not-yet-married-working-full-time life.  It's a little crazy and pretty confusing but I'm figuring it out!


I've been working!  And totally loving it.  This job is such a blessing!  I love the work, it keeps me busy and challenged.  And I love the people I work with!  They are so much fun!

     This past weekend my parents came into town and my baby sister moved into her dorm at Texas Tech!  It's crazy to think that it really has been FOUR years since I was in that place.  It blows my mind.  I know I'm going to love watching her experience all the new things college has to bring.  I just hope and pray that she will love it, too!

She was on yellow team in 2014, I was on purple team in 2010!

I got to be there when we picked her up after camp, just like my parents did for me!


I got to be there as she walked into her dorm room for the first time!


And I got to watch her set it all up!  So much fun.

I don't think she's quite finished with all the details...but I have to say her Batman wall looks pretty awesome!


     And if you have incredible attention to detail you may notice that the accent pillows on my bed has been recovered and are now on Camille's bed!  I love that so so much,  I feel like there's a peice of my freshman year in her freshman year. <3 I am LOVING that my baby sister lives in the same town as me.  This is so much fun and I'm so excited to share Lubbock with her.  I'm still head over heels for my boyfriend, loving being his girl.  And excited to one day be his wife!  I'm still looking forward to joining an adult GC at my church in a few weeks, and I'll start serving in the kid's ministry soon!  Things are pretty okay around here!

I think that's all I can muster for today.  Have a wonderful day my friends, and I'll be back on Friday this week!  Love love.


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