Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update


Weekend Update

Hi friends!  Hope you had a SWELL weekend!  I sure did.

A few fun things for today...

O N E 
Ryan and I bought a car last week...uhhhh what? Yes, and it's so exciting because it's our first big purchase as a couple!

T W O 
School started today!  Which is exciting for me because that means work will slow down just a little bit with all the kiddos back in the classroom!  Not as much time for visits to the dentist :)  It's also SUPER weird to me.  Just a year ago I was so excited to start my last fall semester as a college student!  And here I am now, a working woman, and I can hardly believe college is actually over for good!

(L-R) First day of senior year with my very best friend, first day of Spring semester

Tonight was a recipe re-do for dinner!  I made barbecue chicken baked potatoes one night last week and for some reason they did not want to bake all the way through.  I was so sad because it would have been such a fun meal!  Ryan was so patient with me and we ate them anyway, with just a little more effort.  And tonight they were perfect!  :)  Oh, happy day!

We had such a wonderful weekend visiting with our families!  We got to see my family in Austin/San Marcos and we got to see Ryan's family in San Antonio!  It was just delightful.  And we got to take the new car on it's first trip and she did GREAT!  Some pics for your enjoyment...

Can you even believe these ADORABLE baby pictures?! Because I'm in love. But, duh ;)

It's RAINING!  It smells wonderful, sounds beautiful and makes my heart swoon when the thunder booms.  (How's that for poetic?!)

     I couldn't be happier right now!  I get to spend every day loving my boyfriend, getting to know my friends at work, spending lunches and coffee talks and breakfasts with my bestest gal-pals, and in everything I get to praise my Savior!  For His work on the cross and for the way that changes me today.  I am so so thankful and in such a beautiful place right now.

Happy Monday!

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