Hello Sweet Cheer: Five on Friday


Five on Friday

Good morning!

     I'm sitting in Starbucks, taking in the smells of coffee and the stillness of the early morning.  It's Friday!  Which is fun because work should be calm today and that means it's almost the weekend!  But, now that I'm working full-time I'm really trying not to become one of those people who just lives for the weekend...drags themselves through the week only to get to Friday and feel freed from responsibility.  While that sounds fun and all, I'd rather choose joy daily, love Jesus in my actions all throughout the week, still enjoy my weekends, but truly LIVE every day.

(that was free)

I'm finally going to do a Five on Friday post again, and link up with these lovely ladies!

O N E.
This week I've been listening to one worship song in particular.  Jesus has been faithful and so so sweet to remind me of His promises through music.  Here's a quick vid of the song I'm talking about.

T W O.
Right now I'm learning what it looks like to be "joyfully patient" as I've dubbed it.  I'm learning to be truly patient and take joy in the obedience found in practicing patience.  I know Jesus has a plan for where I'll be in the next two months, ten months and ten years!  And I'm learning what it looks like to find peace in that truth.  It's been fun!  Being *JOYFULLY PATIENT* is actually so freeing!  I love that I find even more Joy in the Gospel when I am obedient to Him in patience.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." Phillipians 4:6
On this topic, the Lord knows the desires of my hearts, the people I love and the things I need have patience in.  And I know He will fulfill those.  That gives me the greatest hope!  And even if He doesn't, the cross is STILL sufficient.

T H R E E.
Babies, babies, babies!  My drill team director from high school and second momma had her second little babe yesterday!  He is just the sweetest and tiniest thing.  One of my best friends from college is PREGNANT!  And I couldn't be more thrilled.  So happy the news is out to the world!  Greg and Malissa will make the most wonderful momma and daddy!  If I can't be an aunt yet, this is the next best thing!

F O U R.
Of course I spend plenty of time with my boo.  But I'm mentioning this because it was different.  I'm always glad to be with him, talk about whatever, go to the grocery store, whatever.  There isn't anything I wouldn't to be doing when he's by my side.  Last night, though, we got a chance to spend some truly quality time with each other.  We were able to focus on each other and talk about where we're at spiritually, emotionally, etc.  It was such a wonderful thing.  And I think we need that every once in a while, almost like a reboot button on our relationship.  So good!

F I V E.
I don't have much more to say.  Except that I just LOVE blogging!

Have a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend, friends!


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