Hello Sweet Cheer: My Most Favorite Reads


My Most Favorite Reads

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I decided to do a little Reading Roundup today!  Here are my top three favorite blogs, and a little bit about why.

(picture property of Jessica Garvin and Little Baby Garvin Blog)

     I love love love Jessica Garvin.  She has the sweetest girls, Harper Eve and Eloise Ruby, and dresses them like the most fashionable baby models you ever did see.  Not to mention she's beautiful, stylish, a super mom and pretty funny, too.  She also jump started me on my love for chalk boarding, she is phenomenal!  The main reason I love her blog so much is because of her writing style.  I find that she is very conversational and real in her writing and that's usually what I'm drawn to.  I can tell my boyfriend, "My favorite blogger _______ (fill in the blank)" and he knows exactly who I'm talking about!

(picture property of Ryan Hargrave and Loved and Lovely Blog)

     Ryan Hargrave, of Loved and Lovely, is just the most fun writer and has the SWEETEST little girl, Grace.  I love reading about her life updates and hearing about her life as a working momma!  I've been reading for a little over a year now and I am so glad I found her!  She is entertaining and sweet and loves Jesus, which is great!  She adds a different element to my blog reading because I occasionally get to read something deep about what Jesus is doing in her life, which is super cool.

T H R E E ::  Texas Mrs.

(picture property of Allison Skinner and Texas Mrs. Blog)

     Allison Skinner, of Texas Mrs, is another one of my favorites!  She is super blunt and honest in her posts, which I really love.  She does a great job of writing about what she caress bout and what is going on in her life.  Shei s currently going through the IVF process to make a little Baby Skinner!  Hoping and praying the Lord fulfills the desires of her and Ross's hearts!


Blog reading is such a joy and I don't think I would be the blogger I am today without the influence of the bloggers of which I get to be a reader!  


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