Hello Sweet Cheer: January 2015


Mr. Hello Sweet Cheer

Happppy Saturday, friends!

     Today I'm bring you....the Mister!  AKA: Who is this husband of mine?  I'll ask him ten questions so you guys can get to know him a bit...and then he will share ten facts about me, as if you don't know me well enough already?!  ;)

M: So, babe...give me the basics!  Name, age, who the heck are ya?

R: Like, my full name? Really? Ryan Matthew Holguin, I'm 21. About to be 22 on March 19th, so be thinking of a gift.

M: Always with the jokes. What is your favorite thing to do in the whole entire world? Like favorite thing ever ever?

R: Hangout with my wife. On rainy Saturdays.

M: What a charmer ;) Where do you see yourself and our family in ten years?

R: Ooo.  I see us definitely in Portland.  Me being a cop and you staying at home taking care of...hopefully Porter is still alive...possibly a new dog...and our...in ten years? I think we'll have at least four kids. Taking care of our four kids. Livin' the dream.

M: What's your favorite color?

R: Blue.

M: If you could change ONE thing about your wife, what would it be?

R: If I could change anything about my wife?  I would change...her radio station in her car.  To anything but country.

M: Favorite food?

R: Pizza and nachos.  Not together, though.

M: Explain your family: names, ages, etc.

R: I honestly don't know all their ages.  My dad, Sammy, he's 45, I think.  My mom's name is Adela, I think she's 42.  My oldest brother, Sammy Jr. is 27, I think.  And his wife Stephanie, 28.  They have 5 kids: Alize, Alyssa, Ethan, Alexis, Noah.  Marcus, another older brother, he's 23.  Then there's me, and my younger sister Alyssa, 17.  Then there's Thomas, who is 11.

M: What is your dream vacation?

R: My dream vacation would be my dream staycation in Portland, Oregon.

M: What is your favorite thing about your wife?

R: My favorite thing about my wife?  That she's married to me.

M: In your own words, why do I have Hello Sweet Cheer?  What does it mean to me?

R: The reason you have Hello Sweet Cheer? I remember us talking about it at Starbucks a long time ago, when you didn't want the name I gave you.  And you picked it if I can remember correctly, because the blog is describing who you are, hence the 'hello'. You're very sweet and life is sweet and Jesus is sweet, hence the 'sweet'.  The blog is not always happy but because Jesus is sweet, he gives you 'cheer', and joy and peace.  I think it means to you kind of what music means to me, where you're able to...it's not escaping life but [being able] to express life in a way where people are able to hear what you're saying without any interruption.  It's a way for you to relax which is something you need after a long day of work, or week of work depending on when you choose to write.

And here are the facts he wrote about me >>>

Ten Facts About Meredith: As Told by Mr. Holguin

1. She's my wife, as of yesterday when we got our marriage license back in the mail

2. Her new glasses break the boundary of how hot I thought she could be

3. Her new hair also breaks the boundary

4. Loves Saturday morning breakfast

5. Doesn't love coffee, only loves the creamer

6. Has a love/hate relationship with our dog, Porter

7. Cried during every episode of Parenthood

8. Great at chalkboard art

9. Loves stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

10. Has the sweetest heart of any person I have ever met, and for that, I love her

We are just the coolest married couple, in my humble opinion ;)
And yes, I cut my hair!  A lot!  There is a much better 
picture on instagram which you can access HERE

      Well, there you have it, friends!  A little about my hubby and a little about me through the lens of my hubby!  Have a wonderful weekend.

xoxo | meredith holguin


5 Weirdest Happenings in Hawaii

Happppppy weekend, friends!

     We barely survived our first week home after the honeymoon.  It was a little crazy to say the least, but now it's Saturday, we're in our pajamas, and we are seriously soaking in the relaxation.

     Just to give you a quick summary, I started getting sick on Friday, the day before we left Hawaii.  We got home on Sunday, took a quick nap after almost 24 hours of travel, attempted to get our house together, and headed off to church for the 5:00pm service.  Monday was miserable.  After missing a week and a half of work for the wedding and honeymoon I couldn't even go back because I was running fever, coughing and couldn't speak.  So, Monday was a doctor visit, resting and my precious husband helped so much to get the house back in order since I was feeling terrible.  He did four loads of laundry, what a trooper!  Tuesday we tried a GC, Wednesday we had a meeting at church and tried another GC, Thursday we got to relax, and last night we had a church event to go to, and then we hung out with our new Guatemalan friend.  This week was a whirlwind!

On to the funny stuff...

FIVE | Garbage dog

     On our first night in Hawaii, we were walking to dinner when we passed a few guys standing by a trash can.  One of the guys yelled out, "Anyone wanna adopt a garrrrrbage dog?!" as we noticed a grown man sitting inside. the. trash. can.  LOL  It was so funny and we couldn't stop quoting that moment throughout the rest of the week.

FOUR | Siblings

     One day we were shopping around, looking for souvenirs.  We stopped in one shop that had great prices and a really nice lady working.  We talked to her for a good while as we continued to pick out the things we wanted to purchase.  We told her that we were on our honeymoon and she said, "Ah how exciting! Congratulations!"  As we were leaving the shop after paying she said, "Ya know, you guys look like brother and sister!" To which we replied... "Oh....haha.....cool" .........................

THREE | Bird

     We saw a bird inside the Honolulu Airport...

TWO | Oldies

     I cannot tell you how many grandpas we saw with their wives/girlfriends who were at least 30 years younger than them.  Totally weird.  It was so bad that it made you think it could just be a very unhealthy father/daughter relationship rather than a romantic one...that's tough!  haha

ONE | Interruption

     This one just takes the cake.  My husband and I were in our room, enjoying our honeymoon, when we heard very loud knocking at the door...yikes!  So Ryan answered the door in a towel, and it was three Hawaiian guys who realized they had come at a bad time..haha.  They were clearly embarrassed and said they would come back later.  Needless to say, that was the last time we forgot to put the Do Not Disturb card out.... ;)

Overall, we had an amazing trip!  It was so much fun and we really loved just getting to spend the week together with no specific responsibilities.  Here are some pictures to prove it!

xoxo | meredith holguin


I'm a Holguin!

Hellllooo friends!

I am finally married to my best friend!  Our wedding was everything and more!  We couldn't be more thankful to everyone who was a part.  Our families were amazing!  We loved celebrating with them and our closest friends!

Here are some pictures people took at the wedding.  (sorry for cell phone quality pics)  We had an amazing photographer (and it was her first wedding to shoot!).  She did wonderful and we're stoked about getting the photos back from her soon!  I'll definitely share some when we get them but for now...

We had a blast!  We still can't believe we're actually married.  We went off to Hawaii for a week, which was amazing!  We had a ton of fun and just enjoyed being together with no distractions for an entire week.  I have some funny stories about our trip, so check back for that later this week!

I'll leave you with a few pictures, we had soooo much fun!

xoxo | meredith holguin


2014 Year in Review | Part 2

Happy Sunday, friends!

Today is January 4th and here I am posting the rest of my Year in Review.  Better late than never, right?

This month included saying 'I Love You' for the first time, our first serious talks about marriage, a really tough month of me starting a new job and Ryan still working overnights at the Children's Home.  This was probably one of our toughest months this year.  It was full of change and transition and learning so much about each other.  But it also brought Ryan's new job, which was such a blessing  and we did enjoy some festive pancakes for the 4th!  We also celebrated our sweet friend, Jen, for her 21st birthday!

Ryan started classes again and we booked our wedding venue (un-engaged)! He he.  We bought a car!

We got engaged! It was just the most wonderful evening.

We went to a wedding, Ryan took a school trip to NYC, I found my wedding gown (!!!), and I dressed up three times for Halloween!

I turned 22!  I had my first bridal shower!  My sweet Gramps passed away :(  So we traveled to Beaumont for the funeral.  It was a hard time but I was so thankful that Ryan got to meet a ton of my family members.  We got a puppy dog (Porter aka Porter Belly Cheese, Port, Porty, Port Wine, Port Worth, etc.)  We spent Thanksgiving with his family and that was just swell!

Flowers are my FAVORITE!  And this has been by far 
the best bouquet I've gotten from my honey!  SO beautiful.

I had a second bridal shower!  And of course Christmas and last minute weddings things!

2014 was clearly a huge year for me!  I am so thrilled about what 2015 holds for the-almost-Holguins!  I'm excited and ready to take on this adventure with the man I love so much.

Happy January! 

P.S. Our wedding is SIX days away!  I'll be back after the honeymoon!  See ya in a few weeks, friends.