Hello Sweet Cheer: Patience, Productivity + Provision


Patience, Productivity + Provision

Happy Wednesday, friends!

     The Holguins have been busy packing, preparing to move, moving, unpacking and now I have a few moments to breathe!  All the boxes have been emptied and now we can enjoy the relaxation of our cozy apartment being all put together!  Porter is adjusting well, I've been at home the last two days since I haven't quite secured a job yet, so it's been nice to spend time with him.  He is so funny, still chasing shadows and getting hyper at random times.  He is truly our little baby!

     Being home the last two days has meant getting so much done.  I've gotten a lot of our accounts updated, made phone calls that needed to be made, I had an interview Monday, I have another one today, and I've spent a lot of time organizing things around here!  I've enjoyed the down time, it's been nice to ease into our new life in this city!  But hopefully I'll be employed soon because I know I'll get bored eventually.  I am doing my best to stay patient and enjoy the time I have to relax.  I know God will provide something for me!

 This little living room might be my favorite spot in our place.  It's cozy and inviting and I just love it!

We still have to hang a really heavy mirror and put curtains up but otherwise it's done!

     The Lord has been so faithful to us through this move.  We knew this is where He was calling us and we had an enormous amount of peace about the decision.  There were many unknowns - and He took care of them one. by. one.  He is so good.  We are blessed and cannot believe we are here and things went pretty smoothly.  Nothing is perfect but we have no complaints!

     With my time off I have been brainstorming about what the future looks like for me job wise.  I am so excited about what my little mind is coming up with.  It will be so much fun to do some new things in the next few years once we start a family.  I can't wait to use my loves and hobbies to the glory of God!

     The church we are going to (and will become members of soon) is wonderful.  We love it and we have almost instant community there.  We are thrilled about the opportunity to continue to build relationships there.  We know the Lord has great things in store at Redemption Church.

And just because, here are some pictures from the last few weeks of our lives >>>

Porter is totally our world ;) How can you not love the big eared goof?!

meredith holguin

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