Hello Sweet Cheer: Bestie friend LG - soon to be LB!


Bestie friend LG - soon to be LB!

Happy Weekend!

Today I want to talk all about my best friend Lauren who recently got engaged!  I am so excited for her and Brandon!  Let me paint a picture for you...

     Lauren and I have known each other since we were young...middle school maybe?  It's hard to remember when you feel like you've been besties for life!  We had so much fun together in high school.  She played volleyball and I danced on the drill team.  We took trips, went to concerts, played in a dodgeball tournament, went to school dances together, had too many sleepovers to count and made such great memories together!

     She stood by me at my wedding in January (and rushed to Lubbock for it after her PA school interview in Dallas on the SAME day - true friend!!), and I can't WAIT to stand by her at her wedding next March!  She is such a dear friend to me.  Here are some pictures...love you Lauren Elizabeth!  Miss you every day - but so glad our friendship is just as strong as it was 5 years ago! <3

Her gorgeous ring!

LG has been such a loyal friend, there with me in the good times and bad, kind, fun and always making me laugh! Congratulations, Lauren and Brandon! Ryan and I can't wait to celebrate with y'all and watch you become Mr. and Mrs!

meredith holguin

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