Hello Sweet Cheer: The Adventures of Ryan and Meredith


The Adventures of Ryan and Meredith

     Me and my babe have been soooo enjoying our new home.  And when I say "home" I of course mean this town...not our 600 square foot apartment that costs us more per month than our 3 bedroom, 2 bath rent house in Lubbock :)  But I'm totally not complaining!

   Since we got here about two and a half weeks ago, we have been busy, busy people.  We are loving our church and the basically instant community that we have there, we are enjoying having down-sized - really we love the coziness!  We have also spent tons of time with Ryan's siblings and our precious nieces and nephews!

 Just a little house project I did last week!

 Porter turned two on May 3rd and we were total dog parents ;)

To celebrate we took him to run and play at the dog park! 

 And we wiped him out! 

 Porter is obsessed with this golf ball

 We went to a Midland Rockhounds game this past weekend with my mother-in-law and our siblings!

And of course we had to end the night with ice cream out of a helmet bowl!

     It's been a joy to make this transition with my husband.  I will say there have been really hard days as I'm in a brand new place (Ryan is from this area), attempting to make brand new friends like the first day of kindergarten (which I didn't actually attend back in 1997), but my love has been with me emotionally through every hardship.  Of course we haven't even been here a month yet but I'm getting really comfortable, enjoying the change in scenery, and loving helping out with our church.

     In other news, I'm a nanny again!  HALLELUJAH.  Nannying is truly a joy, and this time around my precious girl has special needs.  Today was only day two so I'm still getting to know her, she's getting to know me and I'm starting to learn her schedule.  Day one was just really really rough.  I won't sugar coat it...I came home crying and Ryan helped me through the "It will get better" and "It was only the first day" and "She's still getting to know you".  All of which is so true and so helpful.

     We are excited and anticipatory about our future here in Midland!  We can't wait to buy a house, have our babies, adopt some babies and just really put down in this area!  Thanking Jesus for his incredible provision.

xoxo | meredith holguin

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