Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Recap || THE DRIVE-IN


Weekend Recap || THE DRIVE-IN

     Happy Tuesday, friends!  I intended to write this post yesterday but I got busy!  So yes, I'm recapping our weekend on a Tuesday...and the good news is we're one day closer to Memorial Day Weekend! Three day weekends are truly my jam.

     So this weekend my sweet friends and former roommates had a graduation party in Lubbock.  We had planned on being there for it but now that I've started working I don't get off until 5:30. That means we wouldn't have made it to Lubbock until about 7:30 or 8 and would have had to drive right back the same night. So it just didn't make sense. And I was so so sad. I wanted to be there to celebrate with them just as they were there to celebrate with me last May. But alas, we didn't go. And side note, they had so much fun! I loved looking at the pictures they took. Check out the fun we missed...

They are truly the sweetest and I am so proud and excited for them in this new phase of life!

     And because we didn't go, I'm pretty sure my sweet husband knew how sad I was and he said, "Let's go on a date tonight!" I was completely overjoyed! Of course we spend almost 24/7 together but we aren't very good at doing date nights where we completely focus on each other instead of the usual - whatever is on TV, whatever we're scrolling through on our phones, getting dinner cooked, bills, stress, etc. It was so good to get out of the apartment and go do something fun together!

     Friday night after I got off work we had dinner at La Mision, a local mexican restaurant that I've never been to! Ryan used to eat there as a kid when he lived here and it was great! The service was wonderful, food was so good and we just enjoyed each other's company.


     After dinner we dropped off out leftovers at the apartment and headed to this little carnival in town. It only has a few rides but we thought it would be fun to walk around and hang out! We ended up riding the ferris wheel, which I thought was so much fun! Ryan was a little nervous when it went fast ;) We got a funnel cake and downed it so fast...it was SO good. I've forgotten how yummy those things are! Fattening of course but so tasty!


     After the carnival I assumed we were heading home.  I was ready to get in my pjs and just relax.  But of course, Ryan had something up his sleeve.  He missed the exit to go to our apartment and I looked up and said... "Wait, where are we going?" He smirked and wouldn't tell me. A few minutes later we pull up to THE DRIVE-IN. 

     He got us tickets to see Pitch Perfect 2. (It was great, by the way!) And let me tell you...if you know me at all or if you've been reading here for any amount of time you probably know, I have wanted to go to the drive-in for SO LONG. I never went in Lubbock because I wanted to go on a date there. This was before Ryan and I even met! And he knew how much I wanted to go so he took me! And it was so perfect to finally do this one thing I've wanted to do for so long - and it was on a date with my HUSBAND. Sometimes I still pinch myself thinking about the fact that he loves me and chose to marry me! It's just too cool.

     The rest of our weekend was wonderful.  Saturday we had breakfast as usual, with a few guests!  We relaxed at home for a bit and watched a movie.  Then we went to church for a seminar on the Holy Spirit - it was great! And followed that up by hanging out with some friends in Odessa. Sunday we went to church, had lunch with church friends at another new place for me, Mi Piaci. We relaxed at home a bit more and then went to Community Group! It was just such a refreshing, full weekend! Looking forward to more of that this coming weekend.

I could go on and on - but to spare you the extensive reading time I'll just come back tomorrow! Thanks so much for reading and supporting this sweet blog of mine :)  I love it and love that people even read! 

xoxo || meredith holguin

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