Hello Sweet Cheer: Wedding Week | Bridesmaids Brunch


Wedding Week | Bridesmaids Brunch

Happy Weekend! <3

     It's Friday, which means I get to spend two days straight hanging with my boo thang. Fridays always get me excited because of that! I got a few Starbucks gift cards so I'm starting my morning out with an iced caramel macchiato! Love these things and love having iced coffee in the mornings now that it's blazing hot outside.

     Alright, to the point here... Another installment of the Wedding Week series! Today I'm talking about my Bridesmaids Brunch. My sweet aunts (my mom's two sisters) threw it for me. They did my older sister's brunches as well when they got married a few years ago. So I was definitely excited about what they had planned for us! We held the brunch at my favorite breakfast spot in Lubbock - Pancake House! It was sweet because Ryan and I had been having breakfast there every Saturday morning since before we were engaged. It's just a really cute, local place with really yummy food and they even serve french vanilla creamer (that's a must in my mind)! My Auntie Lynne reserved a corner of the restaurant and they set up a few little decorations, which were adorable!

They had a fun little activity for us and then shared some bible verses about marriage. It was such a sweet time with my family and friends. Here are some more pictures!

My precious mother-in-law!

My momma!

With my two wonderful hostesses! Auntie Lynne on the left an Auntie Anne on the right! <3

     My brunch was so much fun! It was sweet to spend that time with the ladies just before the big day! I love my aunts and I am so thankful they did this for me! I'll be back this weekend with an update on my week! <3

xoxo | meredith holguin

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