Hello Sweet Cheer: Wedding Week | Rehearsal


Wedding Week | Rehearsal

Hello lovelies!!

     Back with another wedding recap today! The night before our wedding was so much fun! Dare I say, more fun than the wedding? No, just much less stressful! Other than my minor emotional breakdown - more on that later! ;)

I have little to no pictures of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner because....well I forgot to take any. Haha, so unlike me but it was a crazy time! But I'll share the ones my parents took!

     We got to our venue to rehearse at 5:30pm if I remember correctly? My sister Rachel, (who was a bridesmaid) and her husband Andy, (who was an usher) still hadn't arrived at the wonderful Lubbock airport. They were delayed and had to switch flights to make it and they lost their luggage at some point. It was major. Anyway, they walked into the venue with their clothes on hangers just as we were beginning to rehearse! Thank goodness they still made it! 

Our run through was great, honestly it went perfectly. I loved getting to stand up there with my love and anticipate standing there on our actual wedding day!!

      Our rehearsal dinner was held at Ruby Tequila's in a really cute event room. We didn't really do any decorations since the restaurant already has a Mexican theme. We had margaritas and tacos and just hung out! Half way through dinner I started bawling. I don't even know why really...I think I was just overwhelmed with everything! But Ryan and I went outside to get some fresh air and I calmed down!

     Ryan and I talked a little bit, gave gifts to our bridal party and my dad talked some. It was such a fun time to relax, hang out with family and friends, and prepare for the next day! 

And here are the TWO pictures we took at dinner.

     After dinner we had so much fun! A ton of our family plus the entire bridal party came to the hotel where everyone was staying and we hung out in our suite! We watched Jimmy Fallon, had cocktails and played Heads Up! It was such a blast! 

The night before the wedding was just wonderful. Come back later for the big day!

xoxo | meredith holguin

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