Hello Sweet Cheer: July 2015


Weekend Happenings

     So I'm officially the worst blogger ever because I starting looking through my phone to see what pictures I can put in this post and I basically didn't take any all weekend! I am a failure. But I vow to do better next weekend! :)

Things we did this weekend...

O N E    Movie day with Nikke

On Friday I had a ton of things to get done on my laptop (I've been preparing for the school year to start) so Nikke and I relaxed at my apartment and she watched The Croods. Which, by the way, has a great message and is a really cute movie that adults will enjoy too! She also gave me the sweetest hugs when I was having not the greatest day...kids are cool like that!

T W O   Dinner and games with friends

This one started on Friday and continued through Sunday! We have some really great friends who we basically hang out with all weekend every weekend. Friday night we ate dinner at their house, (teriyaki chicken, rice and asparagus... YUM) and then played games until 1am. We love them and love their precious kiddos! Since I didn't take any pictures, here's a throwback from when we went to Lubbock together a few weekends ago.

These are our friends kids, Gavin and Madison!

T H R E E    Breakfast and talking about Jesus

Saturday morning we went back over to our friend's house and ate breakfast together. We had cinnamon rolls, ham, breakfast potatoes, and the yummiest toast and egg muffin cups! They were delish and it was fun to try out a new breakfast food! After we ate, Jessica and I split from the guys and the kids to meet and talk about Jesus! It has been such a joy to get to know her and gain so much wisdom and encouragement from meeting with her one-on-one. Right now we are reading through the book of Esther and using the She Reads Truth app as our devotional guide! Here's the link if you want to join in with us! http://shereadstruth.com

F O U R    More dinner and games

Saturday evening was basically a repeat of Friday evening! We ate a yummy pasta dish with salad and then hung out for the rest of the evening enjoying so many jokes, lots of fun with Scattergories, and just loving spending time with such great friends.

F I V E  Church, naps and community group

On Sunday we went to church and both Ryan and I met a new person and each invited them to join us for community group that evening. It was life-giving to meet a new face and get to engage with them outside of Sunday morning! Then we napped...for two hours. And then headed to Rosa's for some fellowship with our group!

It was a joyous weekend, full of life-giving friendship and learning more about our Savior!

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xoxo || meredith holguin

P.S. Here's a look into the first moments after Porter wakes up...
this is for all the dog lovers of the world!



Throwback Thursday

     This morning I'm sippin' coffee and enjoying the fact that it's 10am and I've already completed the tasks I had on my to-do list for the day! And because those things are done, here I am in my happy place, blogging! As of today I have exactly three more weeks of my summer job and I start my teaching job in TWENTY SEVEN DAYS. That is so crazy. I got hired in June so August seemed oh so far away at the time. But I've been preparing my first days of school power points and getting my heart and mind prepared for these students! I have been making an effort to pray every day, even if for a moment, for the students that I will come in contact with. I feel blessed and so undeserving to have been given the chance to make an impact on high school students! I can't wait!

Allllllright, let's throw it back!

 When I used to wear this Chicago Bears sweater on the daily. And I had no allegiance to them.

When Homecoming was formal, the good ole days at McKinney North. And we carried hideous clutches with us?! So weird.

When my friends and I took dress up day a little bit too far.... ;) 

When my sister, Rachel, graduated high school and we all laughed in the same moment for this cheesy picture. 

When my friend and I wore all black and posed as hairdressers at a 5 year old's birthday party.

Hope I could make you laugh today! ;)

xoxo | meredith holguin


Weekend Update

Happy Monday, friends!

     This weekend was the first in about a month that we didn't go out of town. Phew. I do love a road trip but I also love sleeping in, staying home and getting things done around the house! That didn't necessarily ALL happen but some of it did!

     Friday marked SIX months of marriage for us! My boo left for work around 6:15am and then appeared back home around 7:15am. I was super confused when I heard the door open! He walked into the bedroom with Chick-Fil-A breakfast in hand! It was a sweet, sweet surprise. He totally knows the way to my heart! (not to mention surprises are my favorite!) And if that wasn't enough when I got home from work he had a gorgeous vase of a dozen roses with baby's breath on the kitchen table! He is such a sweetheart. Flowers are so special to me because of all the times he gave them to me when we were dating!

     For the last week we've been dog sitting for one of Ryan's co-workers. We've been going a little crazy due to the back and forth between our apartment and their house. BUT we are almost finished as they will be back from vacation tomorrow! Wooo! Anyway, we got to sleep in quite a bit on Saturday which was glorious! We got up around 9am, took showers and were off to run some errands. We went to the mall and checked out the major sales at Old Navy. I snagged 4 items for $34 total...amazing! Then we went to Gap Factory where they were having 50% off all already reduced clearance items. It was too perfect. I got 6 great pieces there all for $57!

O L D   N A V Y



G A P    F A C T O R Y 



     I got a great start to my teacher wardrobe which I am super pumped about! Then we had lunch with our friends Jordan + Jessica and went back to their house so Ryan could help them build some shelves! They were kidless this weekend so they were taking advantage of the time to get some things done. Of course the ladies stayed inside and chatted while the guys were in the garage woodworking. We stayed for dinner and didn't leave until almost midnight. So typical for the four of us! We had a blast.

     Sunday included church, lunch at Jordan + Jessica's and more woodworking for the guys! And by 4:30pm we were wiped from such a busy weekend so we relaxed, did laundry and just hung out at home.

We accomplished a lot and enjoyed getting to spend time together and with friends!

xoxo | meredith holguin


Friday. All the Feels.

Happppy Friday, friends!

Here we go with a Friday post, I haven't done one in AGES.


     Today is my six month wedding anniversary! Can you really call it an ANNIversary if it's only six months? I guess it's our monthiversary. Either way, today I have ALL THE FEELS. It's hard to believe we're already half way through our first year of marriage! People say so many things about the first year. And I'm sure they have only the best intentions when they say the first year is the worst (or the hardest)...but I seem to kind of like this year! ;) It has been so much fun to get to know Ryan more deeply each day. It has definitely been difficult but we've already done a few things you're "not supposed to do in the first year" and we have survived! We bought a car BEFORE we got married so there's one. And since being married we got new jobs and we moved! All that's left on the list of 5 Things Not To Do in the First Year is buy a house and have a baby! One of those could happen in the next six months... :) I digress. I love my husband, happy six months!!!!


     I start my teaching job in four weeks. I'm so excited and so scared. It's going to be such an adventure! I have recently felt compelled to begin praying for my students. I don't have their names or know anything about them but I have been praying for their hearts and lives as I am preparing for this school year!


    Speaking of teaching...I need a new wardrobe. Seriously. I think I have about five things in my closet right now that I can wear to work. So I am hoping to make some serious headway in the wardrobe department this weekend! There are some major sales going on at Gap, Old Navy and Loft. All stores I was told to look for teacher clothes at!



    And since I start my new job in four weeks, that means I only have a few weeks left of nannying my sweet little girl! It have been a great summer. I have been challenged a lot and have experienced so many new things through working with a special needs child. We have had many park days and so much relief from the Texas heat at Chick-fil-A. She's a girl after my own heart ;) I love her and will miss her so!


     We have been in Midland for almost three months now and we are loving it! It was hard to make the move because I have been in Lubbock for five years, that's where Ryan and I met, all our friends were there, we had a wonderful church, etc. But now that we're here and we've been here for a while, it was all SO worth it! We are loving life and excited about what God has in store for us!

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xoxo || meredith holguin

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Wedding Week | THE Day

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm writing one more post in my Wedding Week series!

     The day of the wedding was so much fun! I woke up in my suite feeling super excited and just ready to get things going! I knew I had a long day ahead of me and I was just so ready to see my man!

     We got up and went down to the restaurant at our hotel for breakfast. It was a full hot breakfast so some people had omelets, some had pancakes, french toast, fruit, yogurt, etc. It was so yummy and of course I had to start the day with some coffee. Then I went back up to the room to shower and put my "Bride" robe on! We went to the venue to see how everything was coming along and I got to help decorate a little bit. It was so much fun to see what the place was actually going to look like at the ceremony only a few short hours from then! I was just giddy all day long.

     Things were coming along swimmingly so around 2pm I went to get my hair done with my bestie friend and Maid of Honor. We had our Starbucks and just enjoyed the relaxation.

     After our hair was done we went back to the suite to meet up with the rest of the bridesmaids. And then we all headed over to the venue together around 4:30 or so. We got ready and had snacks and it was just fun to be all together before the ceremony!

We all did our make up in the bridal suite and got our dresses on!

I wore my sister's veil so she insisted a selfie with it ;)

Happy Monday!!

xoxo | meredith holguin