Hello Sweet Cheer: Friday. All the Feels.


Friday. All the Feels.

Happppy Friday, friends!

Here we go with a Friday post, I haven't done one in AGES.


     Today is my six month wedding anniversary! Can you really call it an ANNIversary if it's only six months? I guess it's our monthiversary. Either way, today I have ALL THE FEELS. It's hard to believe we're already half way through our first year of marriage! People say so many things about the first year. And I'm sure they have only the best intentions when they say the first year is the worst (or the hardest)...but I seem to kind of like this year! ;) It has been so much fun to get to know Ryan more deeply each day. It has definitely been difficult but we've already done a few things you're "not supposed to do in the first year" and we have survived! We bought a car BEFORE we got married so there's one. And since being married we got new jobs and we moved! All that's left on the list of 5 Things Not To Do in the First Year is buy a house and have a baby! One of those could happen in the next six months... :) I digress. I love my husband, happy six months!!!!


     I start my teaching job in four weeks. I'm so excited and so scared. It's going to be such an adventure! I have recently felt compelled to begin praying for my students. I don't have their names or know anything about them but I have been praying for their hearts and lives as I am preparing for this school year!


    Speaking of teaching...I need a new wardrobe. Seriously. I think I have about five things in my closet right now that I can wear to work. So I am hoping to make some serious headway in the wardrobe department this weekend! There are some major sales going on at Gap, Old Navy and Loft. All stores I was told to look for teacher clothes at!



    And since I start my new job in four weeks, that means I only have a few weeks left of nannying my sweet little girl! It have been a great summer. I have been challenged a lot and have experienced so many new things through working with a special needs child. We have had many park days and so much relief from the Texas heat at Chick-fil-A. She's a girl after my own heart ;) I love her and will miss her so!


     We have been in Midland for almost three months now and we are loving it! It was hard to make the move because I have been in Lubbock for five years, that's where Ryan and I met, all our friends were there, we had a wonderful church, etc. But now that we're here and we've been here for a while, it was all SO worth it! We are loving life and excited about what God has in store for us!

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xoxo || meredith holguin

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