Hello Sweet Cheer: Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday

     This morning I'm sippin' coffee and enjoying the fact that it's 10am and I've already completed the tasks I had on my to-do list for the day! And because those things are done, here I am in my happy place, blogging! As of today I have exactly three more weeks of my summer job and I start my teaching job in TWENTY SEVEN DAYS. That is so crazy. I got hired in June so August seemed oh so far away at the time. But I've been preparing my first days of school power points and getting my heart and mind prepared for these students! I have been making an effort to pray every day, even if for a moment, for the students that I will come in contact with. I feel blessed and so undeserving to have been given the chance to make an impact on high school students! I can't wait!

Allllllright, let's throw it back!

 When I used to wear this Chicago Bears sweater on the daily. And I had no allegiance to them.

When Homecoming was formal, the good ole days at McKinney North. And we carried hideous clutches with us?! So weird.

When my friends and I took dress up day a little bit too far.... ;) 

When my sister, Rachel, graduated high school and we all laughed in the same moment for this cheesy picture. 

When my friend and I wore all black and posed as hairdressers at a 5 year old's birthday party.

Hope I could make you laugh today! ;)

xoxo | meredith holguin

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