Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update


Weekend Update

Happy Monday, friends!

     This weekend was the first in about a month that we didn't go out of town. Phew. I do love a road trip but I also love sleeping in, staying home and getting things done around the house! That didn't necessarily ALL happen but some of it did!

     Friday marked SIX months of marriage for us! My boo left for work around 6:15am and then appeared back home around 7:15am. I was super confused when I heard the door open! He walked into the bedroom with Chick-Fil-A breakfast in hand! It was a sweet, sweet surprise. He totally knows the way to my heart! (not to mention surprises are my favorite!) And if that wasn't enough when I got home from work he had a gorgeous vase of a dozen roses with baby's breath on the kitchen table! He is such a sweetheart. Flowers are so special to me because of all the times he gave them to me when we were dating!

     For the last week we've been dog sitting for one of Ryan's co-workers. We've been going a little crazy due to the back and forth between our apartment and their house. BUT we are almost finished as they will be back from vacation tomorrow! Wooo! Anyway, we got to sleep in quite a bit on Saturday which was glorious! We got up around 9am, took showers and were off to run some errands. We went to the mall and checked out the major sales at Old Navy. I snagged 4 items for $34 total...amazing! Then we went to Gap Factory where they were having 50% off all already reduced clearance items. It was too perfect. I got 6 great pieces there all for $57!

O L D   N A V Y



G A P    F A C T O R Y 



     I got a great start to my teacher wardrobe which I am super pumped about! Then we had lunch with our friends Jordan + Jessica and went back to their house so Ryan could help them build some shelves! They were kidless this weekend so they were taking advantage of the time to get some things done. Of course the ladies stayed inside and chatted while the guys were in the garage woodworking. We stayed for dinner and didn't leave until almost midnight. So typical for the four of us! We had a blast.

     Sunday included church, lunch at Jordan + Jessica's and more woodworking for the guys! And by 4:30pm we were wiped from such a busy weekend so we relaxed, did laundry and just hung out at home.

We accomplished a lot and enjoyed getting to spend time together and with friends!

xoxo | meredith holguin

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