Hello Sweet Cheer: Monday Morning Rambles


Monday Morning Rambles

Happppy Monday, friends!

     This is my last week as a nanny and next week is my first week as a TEACHER! I can hardly believe it's real and that it's so close. I'm so excited to get things rolling and start this school year off well! On the other hand, I will miss my little girl so much. Nikke is a sweet, sweet kid and I am praying that someone amazing comes in to care for her when I leave!

     Instead of recapping my weekend, (because the recap is that we relaxed, cleaned the house and did our normal weekend things), I'm going to list some things I'm looking forward to this week!


     I am excited about finishing out my teacher wardrobe (for now)! I made another trip to Gap yesterday and got some really good deals on dresses, cardigans and blouses. All that is left is to find a couple good pairs of shoes to teach in and I think I'll be set until the season changes! Things I'm looking for:

- A durable, comfortable pair of black flats
- A great pair of boots (brown or tan)
- One more pair of comfortable sandals (my summer pair is worn out)

If you have any suggestions of where to look, comment below! 


     I'm looking forward to getting a package from my mom! She's sending me things for my classroom. I think she's including some pretty scrapbook paper (which I'll use to cover my ugly brown clipboards), a small bulletin board, some baskets and a few organization tools! My mom is pretty cool like that, always looking for a way to help out!


     MY CLASSROOM! I'm going up to the school on Wednesday to get my keys are really start setting things up in my room. I am so stoked, I can't wait to make the space feel like me! I plan to bring one of my stand up chalkboards to really help it feel like my own space!


     Lastly, I'm ready and excited about following along with SheReadsTruth on a new study that starts today! It's called, This Is The Gospel. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store!

Have a great week, friends!
xoxo || meredith holguin

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  1. yay for being able to get your room set up soon! all my friends are teachers and they have all been so excited about getting things organized!