Hello Sweet Cheer: SEPTEMBER



It's September!

     It's hard to believe. I have officially started my teaching job and it's been good. My students are great, challenging, but so great. It's a totally different experience to be on the teacher side of school versus the student side. I have enjoyed it so much and am looking forward to getting things planned out a little earlier so that I feel more prepared going into my lessons each day!

     Here's what's been going down since the last time I blogged!

I had my last day with my sweet Nikke girl! I miss her precious smile and all her sweet sweet hugs!

We went to the Holguin family reunion! That was so much fun.

And Ryan did some spoken word at church that same weekend. It was so beautiful and such a sweet way to worship our King!

My father-in-law and brother-in-law's girlfriend came to church to see him! It was so fun to have them there and we had a yummy lunch afterward!

We spent some sweet time with our friends and had community group at a local Sunday night summer lawn concert! We loved it.

Then one night I made the most amazing chicken fried rice....! Recipe can be found on my Instagram account, just scroll back a few weeks.

We took this awesome picture hanging out one night...lol


My husband was the sweetest ever. He knew how stressed I was with work and the beginning of the school year so he booked me a MASSAGE and let me go with my bestie to get a fresh pedicure before the year started! Husband of the year am I right?!

Here I am all comfy before I left for the spa! :)

We traded in our little Prius. It was time to move up to a small SUV (2013 Subaru Crosstrek) for the sake of being prepared for a future family!

     And then we broke in the Subaru by taking a weekend trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico with our besties. We stayed in a condo close to downtown and spent the weekend relaxing, walking around looking at all the cute shops, hiking, eating yummy food, and just preparing our hearts and minds for the impending school year!

 And then the day came. I finished my classroom and went home to rest before the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I was proud to have finished everything but nervous for the day to come!

The first week of school was really good. It was new and exciting and good to get my feet wet with first days of school things! 

And here are some fun and silly pictures from the last week or so!

I had menudo for the first time...so yummy!

We stayed the night at the Gray's house last Friday so we could all get up early and drive to Odessa for a foster and respite-care training on Saturday! It was quite the day!

 Hubby treated me to MarketStreet dinner after a tough work day. He is BEST.

And these words have carried me! I mean carried. me. Jesus is so so sweet.

So there's a summary of the past month! I'm hoping I can get on a consistent blogging schedule even with school being back in session. 

Grace and peace, friends

xoxo || meredith holguin

ps I'm reading through Daniel...maybe I'll find a day to write all about what I'm learning! 

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