Hello Sweet Cheer: October Makes me Happy - But Now It's Almost Over


October Makes me Happy - But Now It's Almost Over

Happy Wednesday friends!

     I titled this post and starting writing it about 2 1/2 weeks ago... I basically feel like I blinked and November arrived! What is with that? I hear that's what happens, every year life flies by quicker and quicker! It's the craziest.

     Things I've enjoyed about this October: We got some rain, I'm starting to need a sweater or jacket most days, I get to come home to something warm and yummy in the crockpot (when I make that happen) and keeping every candle in the apartment lit as often as possible!

     And the best part of October this year, is that by the time it's over we'll be moved into our new rent house! We are sooo ready to get out of the apartment and can't wait to have our own space again. I'm dreaming of parking in my own driveway and having space for guests! We move in T W O days! So exciting! I really should be packing, but I'm laying in bed cuddling with my pup, blogging, and waiting for my precious husband to bring home Chick-fil-A ;) !!!!!!

     Even though I love this time of year, I'm actually really glad time has been flying. I hear October is the hardest month of teaching and I think I'll agree! Things have been really tough. I've had some crazy days! What I keep trying to remind myself is the fact that the Lord has me exactly where I am for a purpose. I am continually praying that he would make that purpose clear to me and give me opportunities to share Him with my students (in the most legal way possible of course)!

Here are some pictures to show you what's been going on this past month!

Just a sweet seven year old birthday party! We love this precious girl.

Sweet brother and sister!

And then we took her on a birthday date to Starbucks and Toys R Us, what a combo!

I got to enjoy the women's conference at our church! This sweet necklace was our craft :)

So many sweet friendships formed and being formed! So blessed my our church community.

Oh.... you must make this. Copycat Lemon pound cake from none other than Starbucks. I'll link the recipe for ya, you can't pass it up!

So that's our life over the last few. So many exciting things coming up... my birthday is next week! Thanksgiving! We are going to the Cowboys game with family so that should a ton of fun. My sister's baby should be here in a little over a month! Christmas!! We are headed to New York the day after...! I love the holiday season and this year's will be one to remember :)

A few things to send you off. I've been reading through some Psalms lately and the one we studied at our women's conference was Psalm 37. So so good. "Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness." Psalm 37:3 I pray that I am befriending faithfulness in all I do! Praising my Savior for his glorious work on the cross that I might have access to the Father. 

Happy Day!
xoxo || meredith holguin

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